Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2018


Since its 2013 inception, Asian Private Banker’s Asset Management Awards for Excellence (AMA) has celebrated five years of outstanding achievements. We have collected the opinions of the leading product selection gatekeepers, across private banks, and learnt who they regard as the best third-party asset management product and service providers.

Awards Luncheon

Categories & Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Asian Private Banker Asset Management Awards for Excellence



This is the fifth year we have run this awards programme, which aims to identify and honour the region’s best third-party providers of asset management products and services to private banks in the Asia Pacific region.

Accordingly, we survey Asia’s community of private banking gatekeepers across 30 different categories. These gatekeepers are asked to assess an asset manager’s performance across four key criteria: product performance, business performance, servicing, and branding and marketing.

Based on this feedback, Asian Private Banker will invite shortlisted asset managers to pitch on an award-specific basis.

Product Performance
Product performance is an absolute prerequisite and the single most objective metric for a fund to be selected and distributed. This criterion should be assessed by, not but not limited to:

  • risk-adjusted performance (on a 1- year,3-year and 5-year basis)
  • successful achievement of objectives (i.e. alpha, income target, volatility target, etc.)
  • performance consistency

Business Performance
Business performance refers to how an asset manager and its offering are able to add value to a private bank’s long and short-term profitability. Assessment for this criterion should not be limited to just initial sales of products but also the asset manager’s ability to help generate long-term recurring income. This criterion should be assessed by, but not limited to:

  • absolute and relative growth of funds raised
  • value added by asset manager to limit client-directed outflows, where applicable
  • ability to retain assets over multiple market cycles

Service Competency
This criterion refers to an asset manager’s ability to service distributors’ needs prior to and after the point-of-sales. This refers not just to product-related needs but also to other value-added services such as general investment content or training sessions. This criterion should be assessed by, but not limited to:

  • familiarity with distributors and relevant parties such as product specialists and relationship managers
  • ability to service existing fund holders, especially through timely updates during key market events
  • other value-added services (i.e. general investment or thought leadership content, relevant training sessions or education seminars, access to fund manager)

Branding And Marketing
The branding and marketing criterion assesses the brand recall or visibility of an asset manager to its relevant distributors and investors. Assessments should not be made merely by scale but also by the granularity of efforts directed to specific segments of the wealth management market. This criterion should be assessed by, but not limited to:

  • general brand visibility to the mass market
  • industry visibility to the general wealth management market
  • segment visibility to specific wealth management markets (i.e. family offices, independent asset managers or sub-segments of private banking like advisory or discretionary staff)