Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2014/15: Best Fund Provider – China Equity

Value Partners

Raymond Tam, deputy chief executive officer and head of sales, Value Partners

Raymond Tam, deputy chief executive officer and head of sales, Value Partners

Scale continues to play a central role when discussing asset management in Asia, a space populated by both established global players and growing local houses. This is not to say that the hurdle cannot be overcome.”While it is always challenging to compete with better-resourced global asset managers, at Value Partners we adopt a differentiated approach of focused investment excellence and unique products,” says Raymond Tam, deputy chief executive officer and head of sales at Value Partners.

Tam illustrates the nimbleness of the Hong Kong asset managers through its policy-driven Chinese equity portfolio.

“We worked closely with one of the top-tier European private banks last year to launch a China policy-driven strategy,” Tam says, highlighting a track record of catering to a specific distributor’s needs. “Given the ongoing reforms in China and an existing clientele that closely follows these events, this unique product has been well received by investors progressively especially as the sentiment is improving.”

Both gatekeepers and end-clients have noted the focus of Value Partners on research coverage of Greater China and the delivery of solutions for the region’s markets.

“An HNWI in Asia may not know some of these western asset management brands as they don’t have strong presence in Asia,” Tam says. Our long-standing presence as an Asia fund house – with a focus on Greater China – has helped us established a meaningful position amongst the client base that is increasingly using private banking services in Hong Kong and Singapore.”

Asia’s home bias will only continue to make relationship managements and clients more demanding when pushing houses that manage local assets to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns. China’s growing prominence in the global investment market, and possibility of its MSCI inclusion, will play a big role in spotlighting capabilities to deliver these promises in a market that is influenced by both free market forces and China’s political landscape.

In their investigations of the product universe to satisfy allocations for Asia’s dominant economy, gatekeepers selected Value Partners as Asian Private Banker’s Best Fund Provider – China Equity.