Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2016 – Best Fund Provider – Global Equity

Fidelity International

Mike Nikou, Managing Director for Southeast Asia and Head of Intermediary Business for Asia Pacific, Fidelity International

Mike Nikou
Managing Director for Southeast Asia and Head of Intermediary Business for Asia Pacific
Fidelity International

Equities in 2015 faced adverse conditions as a slide in Chinese markets and sudden yuan devaluations triggered a landslide in select indices with even the MSCI World benchmark receiving a 10% haircut last August. Equity risks have since become a primary point-of-focus for investors, leading private banks to rethink equity allocations while paring down on risky and concentrated trades.

Fidelity International has been chosen by selectors in Asia as the leader in the global equity space. Indeed, fund selectors in Asia have been suitably impressed by Fidelity International’s research-backed performance. Following a decidedly bottom-up approach, its global research unit currently covers 95% of the equity universe worldwide. In addition to advisory, Fidelity International’s global equity strategy is also benefiting from growth in discretionary assets in Asia – testament to the confidence private banks have in the fund house.

Going forward, returns in this asset class will remain elusive as bottom-up stock selection and strategic asset allocation adjustments prove increasingly difficult given the prospect of unequally distributed returns between and within markets. Fidelity International, however, has earned the confidence of Asia’s private banking industry, making it this year’s Best Fund Provider – Global Equity.