Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2016 – Best Fund Provider – India Equity

Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Jessica Jones, Managing Director, Head of Third Party Distribution Asia Pacific Ex-Japan, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Jessica Jones
Managing Director, Head of Third Party Distribution Asia Pacific ex-Japan
Goldman Sachs Asset Management

India remains a robust case for multi-asset portfolios seeking long-term growth, even with the SENSEX dipping 6% in 2015 and continued central bank easing. Indeed, a diversity of headwinds and tailwinds – economic and political – will continue to shape India’s economic rise, and volatility remains an immediate prospect. The promise of obtaining material outperformance from Indian equities has occupied Asia’s fund gatekeepers, and especially those who guard the portfolios of country-biased clients.

A solutions platform designed to enhance market knowledge, engineer portfolios, implement best practices and, ultimately, grow businesses has helped Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) attract 500 private bankers to various functions in 2015.

GSAM’s India strategy is led by a six-strong team boasting an average of 12 years’ experience, achieving top-decile performance in 2015. Accordingly, the American manager has attracted a dominant share of of the asset class’ active long-only demand from Asia’s high net worth individuals.

India is the only major economy that the International Monetary Fund has earmarked for annual GDP growth of 7% or more in 2016 and 2017. History has shown, however, that economic growth does not always generate the kind of output that is mirrored in equity returns by traditional index construction methodologies typically employed by active managers.

GSAM’s commitment to dedicated third-party distribution in Asia – spanning even retail distribution – has made it the clear choice for Asia’s private banking gatekeepers. GSAM is the deserving winner of this year’s Best Fund Provider – India Equity.