Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2016 – Best Fund Provider – Multi-asset Solution

J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Elisa Ng, Head of Intermediary Business, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Elisa Ng
Head of Intermediary Business
J.P. Morgan Asset Management

For some, fixed income value will sustain over the near-term on the back of stimulus fueled by slow global growth, while prevailing uncertainties will keep equities on the expensive side. For others, tumbling energy prices and other macro factors are likely to accelerate bond defaults, with the moment ripening for early equity positioning. The inherent difficulties associated with timing this rotation are expected to intensify, and CIOs at private banks are only likely to get some macro calls right.

The still-resilient growth of multi-asset strategies among global investors is evidence of significant asset allocation hurdles facing investors. With the environment generating demand for a shift from bonds into equities – all the while sating the region’s hunger for yield – assiduous guidance in this space is critical.

For the second consecutive year, private banks in Asia have delegated this duty to J.P. Morgan Asset Management, whose fund range has posted robust and stable returns since inception. Accordingly, J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s multi-asset strategies have attracted a wealth of inflows in Asia – its Luxembourg-domiciled portfolio has been the best-selling in its fund group in 2015, while its Hong Kong-domiciled portfolio is now the largest fund on the firm’s Hong Kong shelf.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s excellence in the multi-asset space has not gone unnoticed, with fund gatekeepers of private wealth in Asia selecting it as this year’s Best Fund Provider – Multi-asset Solution.