Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2017 – Best Fund Provider – Asia ex-Japan Equity


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Asia’s equity market was a basket of mixed fortunes in 2016, displaying the good, the bad and the ugly in equal fashion. Taiwan’s tech-heavy equity market climbed 10% and South Korean markets registered +5%, seemingly unscathed by a very public presidential scandal. Numerous markets closed the year out flat, while China’s Shanghai Composite fell 13%, unable to recover from an early sell-off.

No matter a delay, halt or reversal in globalisation, Asian economies, with their dense ties to China, will attempt to adapt to the new reality of a less industrial and capital-driven 1.3 billion-strong market. Economies in the region vary in their trade reliance to the Pacific relative to the Atlantic, and this will continue to create divergent market returns, demanding greater bottom-up expertise.

In addition to a seasoned team of 20 investment professionals boasting diverse profiles, BlackRock emphasises its edge in risk management, as evidenced by 25 years of committed investments into proprietary analytical systems to enhance portfolio managers’ decision making. BlackRock’s stellar track record helped it earn private banks’ trust in its home market and has been selected as this year’s Best Fund Provider – Asia ex-Japan Equity.