Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2017 – Best Fund Provider – Greater China Equity

Value Partners

Wallace Tsang, CFA Managing Director, Intermediary Business

Wallace Tsang, CFA
Managing Director,
Intermediary Business

Greater China equity markets delivered varying returns across the spectrum in 2016, effectively balancing out the relative significance of both asset allocation and stock selection capabilities for portfolio managers. The major Chinese and Taiwanese benchmarks fell and rose double-digits, respectively, while Hong Kong closed the year flat.

Despite Trump’s public backing of the ‘One China’ policy and his moderated tone towards trade conflicts, geopolitical uncertainty will likely continue to weigh heavily on the investor outlook – especially as the second largest economy gears up for internationalisation, as evidenced by a gradual opening up of equity and bond markets, as well as IMF’s inclusion of the yuan in the Special Drawing Rights basket.

Market inefficiencies within the region, highlighted by a largely unsophisticated and active retail investor base, will continue to play to the strengths of bottom-up active managers, particularly as the gravity of Chinese reforms steer flows towards unfamiliar territories.

Within Greater China, Value Partners lords over the domain of equity investing, maintaining the trust of Asia’s private banking industry for a record-breaking five consecutive years. Further, the firm expanded its footprint in 2016, obtaining a Singapore retail fund licence and launching a London office to offer UCITS products to global private banks.

Value Partners has been chosen by Asia’s selectors as Best Fund Provider – Greater China Equity.