Awards for Distinction 2012 – External Asset Managers’ Choice


Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch

Vincent Duhamel

Vincent Duhamel
Head of Asia
Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch

Starting out as an extension of the family office model in Europe, the external asset manager (EAM) business is now a reliable, repetitive source of revenue for private banks in mature markets including Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Although a few early adopters in Asia have used the model or some hybrid of it since early 2008, the industry has only recently begun to achieve critical mass.

The tougher economic environment has brought home the tremendous advantages this business model brings to private banks – specifically captive and growing assets under management, greater amortisation of fixed costs, and greater visibility for revenue projections. Accordingly, an increasing number of private banks are setting up dedicated teams to understand and service the specific needs of these clients.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, a handful of private banks have distinguished themselves by their commitment to and deep understanding of the EAM business. The insights and best practices at these private banks can provide their EAM-clients with a strategic edge, transforming this relationship into a truly meaningful partnership.

This year, Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch (Lombard Odier) has been singled out by EAMs in Hong Kong and Singapore as an outstanding and preferred partner in this space. The region’s EAMs have made particular mention of Lombard Odier’s information technology infrastructure, and specifically, its portfolio management tool, which, according to one client, is a “user-friendly and full-featured system, enabling [his firm] to manage clients in a more efficient way”.

Another EAM highlighted Lombard Odier’s innovative “E-Merging” platform, praising it as “a social networking tool for financial experts which has helped [his firm] make contact with other interesting and relevant parties”.

At a time when a significant number of EAMs use loans as a hedging tool, the fact that Lombard Odier does not offer credit facilities in Asia has not deterred the region’s EAMs, with one contributor saying that he preferred to bring his business to the bank because “the bank’s tools are a couple of notches above the competition, while the service is always high quality, professional, and personalised”.

Asian Private Banker has listened to the industry, and on the basis of this feedback and its own analysis, awards Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch the title of Asian Private Banker External Asset Managers’ Choice for 2012.