Awards for Distinction 2013 – External Asset Managers’ Choice

AFD2013_Best Private Bank - External Asset Managers' Choice

Julius Baer

David Reymond, Pamela Phua, Yves Robert-Charrue

From left: David Reymond, Pamela Phua, Yves Robert-Charrue

Although a few early adopters have used the model or a version of it in Asia since early 2008, the external asset manager (EAM) business is still considered nascent. In 2012, the EAM model’s advantages became clear as a tougher economic environment made the model’s growing AUM and greater visibility for revenue projections attractive indeed. As an increasing number of private banks set up dedicated teams to build on the success of the first few years and service the specific needs of these clients, industry estimates suggest the Asian EAM business will be worth around US$70 billion in the next few years.

In this rapidly evolving, and still relatively young, segment a handful of private banks have distinguished themselves by their commitment to and deep understanding of the EAM business. The insights and best practices at these banks can provide their EAM clients with a strategic edge, transforming this relationship into a truly meaningful partnership.

This year, EAMs from Hong Kong and Singapore nominated Julius Baer as the outstanding and preferred partner for this space. The Swiss pure-play has built on its already impressive reputation for flexibility and exceeding industry standards to win the award for the second time in three years.

One respondent said, “It has to be Julius Baer because of the quality of their service, for EAMs and clients, all the way from the top to the bottom”. EAMs were also quick to point out the bank’s “well-established and well-structured IT platform”.

Another respondent commented, “Julius Baer has a real commitment to the industry. Some other banks do not take EAMs as seriously as they do”. Indeed Julius Bear has recently recommitted to the Asian EAM business and the heads of this segment believe it is the only bank where the EAM business is represented at the board level.

Asian Private Banker has listened to the industry, and on the basis of this feedback, and its own analysis, awards Julius Baer the title of Best Private Bank – External Asset Managers’ Choice for 2013.