Awards for Distinction 2013 – Private Banker of the Year

AFD2013_Private Banker of the Year

Ravi Raju, Deutsche Bank

Ravi Raju

Ravi Raju
Head of Asset & Wealth Management, Asia Pacific
Deutsche Bank

The nominees for Private Banker of the Year are some of the finest practitioners of the art and craft of private banking. They are all, without exception, industry stalwarts recognised for the depth of their experience, the breadth of their industry expertise, and the loyalty they inspire in clients and colleagues alike. A handful of these exceptional men and women – the best of the best – have distinguished themselves on all three counts.

In our search for these outstanding representatives, Asian Private Banker reached out to stakeholders across the industry – private bankers, product providers, veteran bankers, and clients.Over the course of these conversations, Ravi Raju, Head of Asset and Wealth Management, Asia Pacific, Deutsche Bank, was repeatedly nominated by his peers as the private banker they most admired.

Well-regarded in banking circles for his profound understanding of product, it is Ravi’s stewardship of Deutsche Bank while it integrated its Asset and Wealth Management businesses that has earned him the esteem of Asia’s private banking industry. Charged with minimising any fallout from the amalgamation of the two businesses in Asia, Ravi has, true to form, exceeded expectations. Clients and employees alike have attested to the process in Asia being “virtually painless” and one that enables the bank to bring “tremendous might to the market”.

Inspiring employees dispersed over 15 different geographical locations in Asia to band together during a period of transformation is no mean feat. Providing compelling confirmation to 7,000 private banking clients is impressive. That as a result of the transformation, the bank is better positioned to deliver on their needs, is even more impressive. Remarkably, Ravi has been able to do both.

Understated and with a reputation for being unfailingly polite, Ravi has nonetheless demonstrated unflinching resolve, consistently prioritising the bank’s strategy over any personal agendas. When informed of his win, Ravi responded in characteristic style, “More importantly, what did the bank win?”

Thus marrying impeccable core banking skills, vision and the most vital, but far rarer, attribute – a fierce loyalty to the organisation – Ravi Raju is the deserving winner of the Private Banker of the Year Award 2013.