Awards for Distinction 2015 – Best Private Bank – Taiwan International

UBS Wealth Management

David Man, Regional Market Manager, Taiwan, UBS Wealth Management

David Man, Regional Market Manager, Taiwan, UBS Wealth Management

It helps to have been established for more than three decades now when serving the interests of a US$331 billion high net worth market in Taiwan, which is expected to swell to US$533 billion by 2020.

This is certainly the case for UBS Wealth Management, whose market leading position in Taiwan’s offshore wealth management sector derived from its book of deep relationships and track record for navigating through the city’s financial, corporate, family and geopolitical risks.

The bank’s seasoned ability to leverage from its global platform aside, having the dual presence of a leading onshore unit has assured a pipeline of of relevant city-specific talent for cross-pollination, coupled with a budding raft of programmes aiming to grow organically. Its steady 12% CAGR growth in frontline staff is not at the cost of quality either. Even at its scale, more than 70% of its relationship managers have spent over a decade in the banking industry, which includes a now rapidly-growing presence in Singapore.

Against the backdrop of a year that saw more than a quarter of Taiwan’s weighted index value wiped out, the bank’s diversified portfolio of business lines, whose 2015 accolades reach into global real estate, mergers and acquisitions, public issuances and institutional asset management, ensured continued growth.

This came while the bank continued to manage the global assets of Taiwanese clients that required strategies that factored in strong geographical biases, concentrated equity holdings and intensive advisory needs. UBS Wealth Management’s deep-seeded commitment to this market’s multi-geographic needs and innovative prowess to grow deservedly makes it the winner of 2015’s Asian Private Banker Best Private Bank – Taiwan International Award.