Awards For Distinction 2016 – Best Private Bank – Fund Advisory Services



Rodolphe Larqué

Rodolphe Larqué
head of funds and ETFs
private banking Asia Pacific
Credit Suisse

In May 2016, Asian Private Banker exclusively reported Credit Suisse’s blockbuster delivery of a fixed maturity bond fund to its high net worth clients in Asia – a play that opened the floodgates in the region, prompting numerous players to follow suit. But make no mistake: this successful distribution – evidently tapping into a region-wide demand for predictable income and product simplicity – was just one example of the bank’s deep understanding of its clients.

2016 was a year when Credit Suisse’s gatekeepers successfully distributed fund solutions that addressed both generic and specific investment needs, all while generating strong outperformance rates – close to 80% of the private bank’s top selections outperformed the benchmark. Clients responded, leading to a standout year for fund inflows, on top of the bank’s deep fund penetration of client assets.

“The Credit Suisse fund advisory platform is built on a few key value propositions: combining both selection and advisory in the same team, having analysts close to the market, covering both active and passive fund solutions, with a strong open architecture and a comprehensive selection approach that strikes a right balance between quantitative and qualitative analysis,” says Rodolphe Larqué, Credit Suisse’s head of funds and ETFs, private banking Asia Pacific.

“This is further supported by our unique focused approach, engaging fund providers through a clear framework and rules of engagement, as well as a strong emphasis on after-sales based on latest market events and making full usage of technology.”

And Credit Suisse has done this all without compromising its stringent, comprehensive fund selection process that narrows down a 50,000-strong fund universe into an elite minority. The Swiss major has also bred a culture of collaboration with asset managers, opening lines of communication and access in a controlled manner, resulting in enhanced product knowledge and client experience.

Credit Suisse is Asian Private Banker’s Best Private Bank – Fund Advisory Services in 2016.