Technology Awards 2015 – Best Integrated Front Office Solutions


In order to successfully manage multi-asset portfolios, private banks need to address a unique set of front office challenges.They need the ability to effectively track and visualise a collection of assets from multiple classes, quickly analyse and report these investments, while understanding fully their risk exposures and performances. Hence, for front offices to operate smoothly going forward, it is increasingly imperative that private banks harness a customer relationship management (CRM) system that not just provides relationship managers with access to all of these features, but also do so in a user friendly manner that saves time, effort and cost.

Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM has clearly addressed these pain points with a flexible framework that gives private banks the ability to customise, create portfolios and aggregate core data. It allows them to form and deal with complex modeling that provides relationship managers with a convenient, automated workflow, while supporting back-end system applications through its service-oriented architecture.

With integration being the foremost cost for private banks looking to buy off-the-shelf solutions from technology vendors, Microsoft has proven itself capable of providing pre-built integration software by already working with more than ten different vendors that operate with private banks in the region. Its CRM system has helped private banks save costs by integrating seamlessly across the front, middle and back offices, through a cloud service on mobile devices and desktops.

A key dashboard for relationship managers, the Dynamic CRM system makes Microsoft the region’s provider of the Best Integrated Front Office Solutions in 2015.