Technology Awards 2015 – Best Solutions/Integration Adviser


The development of technological integration in finance has been relentless ever since the first computer was used in banking in the 1950s. This has now reached another significant juncture where the need to shed legacy systems and successfully marry inhouse technology with off-the-shelf and plug-and-play solutions has never been more pressing.

With the cost of such complex integration accounting for almost 60% of private banking technology budgets, say industry experts, private banks are naturally turning to solution/integration advisers for assistance of the highest technological order.

Using a holistic target operating model and sourcing approach, Synpulse has monopolised this niche. Its enterprise analysis, design, planning and implementation strategy has been much favoured by banks, as it allows them to systematically analyse the bank’s sourcing potential and evaluate the vendor in question.

Synpulse has also created a model that not only evaluates a bank’s IT architecture and current platform but also determine their adequacy in supporting the expected growth of the bank’s HNW and UHNW businesses. Furthermore, with hefty technology investments biting into private banks’ run-the-bank mandates, Synpulse provides guidance, implementation and delivery through to the final stages of each of its projects to ensure regular operations remain smooth.

Working alongside rapid advances in network speed, scale and flexibility in software design, Synpulse has created a most admirable platform for private banks seeking integration advisory. It is without a doubt this year’s winner of the Asian Private Banker Best Solutions/Integration Adviser award.