Technology Awards 2016 – Best Integrated Front Office Solutions



A customer relationship management (CRM) system is arguably the most essential dashboard for private bankers, providing them with a single view of the front office and a single platform to manage marketing and sales as well as customer onboarding and data management processes.

For the second year running, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 has proven indispensable to private banks and frontliners in Asia. The CRM system offers a multi-channel platform with a 360 degree view of clients as well as seamless and cost-effective connectivity to back and middle offices.

“Intensified competition in a fast paced growth of Asia high net worth, investment and private banks require solutions to help build personalised relationships and retain profitable clients in expanded markets,” says Gabriel Chan, director of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365.

As private banks are still grappling with how best to harness reams of data sitting in warehouses, Dynamics 365, with its data analytics, social engagement, and machine learning applications, has proven vital for private banks.

Moreover, Microsoft scores high across a range of key ROI metrics, including sales productivity, customer service and contract processing time. And in 2016, the firm further expanded its already solid bench of private banking clients in the region.

“Dynamics 365 is in a sweet spot, leveraged by many leading Asian banks to anticipate needs, evaluate and identify investment opportunities with clients,” Chan says.

Microsoft is Asian Private Banker’s Best Integrated Front Office Solutions award for 2016.