Technology Awards 2016 – Best Provider of IAM/MFO Solutions



The independent asset manager (IAM) industry remains on track to meet its ambitious growth targets, with nearly half of Asia’s IAMs increasing their client assets by 20% or more over the past year, according to Asian Private Banker data. And these cost-conscious firms have a growing appetite for tech solutions.

In 2016, budget allocations for technology investments at IAMs overtook private banks in relative terms. This led to a rapid number of IAMs seeking connectivity from their custodial banks, prompting them to review their IAM desks and turn to digitisation.

Expersoft’s PM1 solution is a digital platform that bridges the IAM, the custodial private bank and the end-client. A particular point of pride for Expersoft is its ability to offer visual and interactive insights by extracting key investment data from IAMs to generate financial analysis, portfolio modelling, asset selection and risk management reports.

PM1 also provides on-screen analysis and simulations for alternative investments, including real estate, private equity and fine art – a clear example of how the solution has been tailored to the investment appetite of Asian HNWIs who are well-known for their penchant for non-bankable assets.

The firm has paid meticulous attention to the platform’s user-friendly interface, resulting in an easy and accessible view of portfolio and transaction flows on mobile devices and desktop workstations.

Most impressive is Expersoft’s ability to secure top-tier private banking clients while growing its IAM customer base exponentially in 2016.

Expersoft is Asian Private Banker’s Best Provider of IAM/MFO Solutions for 2016.