Technology Awards 2016 – Best Robo Advisor Tool



The ‘rise of robos’ is in full swing in Asia, with the technology that drives robo advisory finding its way into a number of private banks in the region. It is more crucial than ever, therefore, that private bankers are equipped with cutting edge tools that employ best-in-class algorithms to monitor client portfolios and generate smart investment advice.

Amidst a raft of B2C and B2B robo and bionic advisors that have entered the market over the past year, Privé Managers’ solution stands out from the rest.

The firm’s platform is driven by a proprietary “genetic optimiser engine” that not only spits out investment proposals and reports for relationship managers but can also be fully integrated into a bank’s customer relationship management (CRM) system and front office client portal/application. As a result, bankers can access the robo advisor function on their internal dashboard at any time.

“We believe that our strategy to offer artificial intelligence-driven bionic advisory algorithms is a key differentiating factor versus other players in this space,” says Charles Wong, chief executive officer of Privé Managers.

The solution is unlike many others on the market due to the fact that it doubles up as a wealth planning tool. Its services stretch beyond the ‘traditional’ production of automated reports with inbuilt risk analytics by equipping wealth planners with investment exploration and document comparison capabilities.

Privé Managers’ patent ambition in the private banking sphere is clearly paying dividends: it has seen marked success across all business lines. The firm boasts seven offices globally and an impressive list of private banking, insurance and independent asset manager clients, and recently joined a consortium of securities companies in China to target mass affluent and HNW clients. To date, assets deployed on Privé Managers’ platform have grown five-fold.

Privé Managers is Asian Private Banker’s Best Robo Advisor Tool for 2016.