Technology Awards 2016 – Most Innovative Solutions Provider



To date, very few fintechs have managed to successfully balance ingenuity with relevance to push the envelope of wealth management. But 2016 was a year of intense innovation punctuated with significant rollouts.

Spotting structural inefficiencies and an opportunity for innovation in the fixed income space, BondIT stepped into the market with its bond investment advisory tool in 2016 to considerable acclaim.

BondIT’s technology platform enables relationship managers to analyse, optimise, rebalance and monitor fixed income portfolios. Its inbuilt data construction component allows RMs to crunch data based on portfolio mixes and to ensure consistency between fixed income data providers in terms of accuracy and coverage.

Interestingly – and perhaps most importantly to the private banking industry – the solution doubles up as a B2B robo advisor tool that can generate recommendations based on client suitability and regulatory guidelines for relationship managers.

“The award recognises the exceptional work undertaken by our small team of exceptional employees in their efforts to bring the fixed income advisory business into the digital age,” says Adrian Gostick, managing director at BondIT Asia.

Testament to the relevance of BondIT’s architecturally-light tool is its adoption by the private banking community only months after it was launched. BondIT has emerged as a true gamechanger.