Technology Awards 2016 – Most Promising Fintech Startup



Across Asia, the fintech innovation is hitting it’s stride. Private banking leaders, for fear of falling behind the competition, are combing through the mushrooming space to select the “right” solution, and regulators are putting in place initiatives to nurture fintech innovation within their jurisdictions. In 2016 alone, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority unveiled a series of policy initiatives, including plans to establish a fintech innovation hub and a fintech supervisory sandbox in the city; similarly, the Monetary Authority of Singapore is playing a proactive role in supporting its domestic fintech companies by establishing a regulatory environment and infrastructure that are conducive to innovation.

Call Levels, the Singapore-based fintech company, stands out from its startup peers for its success in developing a solution that is not only relevant and user-friendly, but has already proven itself capable of attracting major clients.

The tool displays price alerts for a wide range of assets on mobiles and integrates seamlessly into relationship manager dashboards, providing them with access to client analytics. Since its launch, Call Levels has inked a partnership with DBS Vickers Securities to provide DBS clients with access to more than 10,000 financial assets globally.

“We will continue to innovate, equalise the investment playing field and bring value to all investors in the financial markets,” says Cynthia Siantar, co-founder of Call Levels. “We aim to provide tools and relevant insights to help their investment decisions, serve them across multiple channels from bots to mobile apps and desktops.”

Call Levels is Asian Private Banker’s Most Promising Fintech of 2016.