Technology Awards 2017 – Best Mobile/Tablet App Developer



In more ways than one, the mobile phone is the new bank branch. In India, human interaction-free account opening is already a reality, and it is only natural that Asia’s private banking clients will demand greater mobile servicing from their banks going forward.

CREALOGIX may be a relative newcomer to the Asia Pacific region, but it is already making waves with its tailored software solutions.

The technology provider’s ‘Digital Banking Hub’ aids financial institutions by migrating their core banking services to secure digital and mobile banking ecosystems. The beauty of its solutions lies in the fact that implementation can be done through the use of an open API without the need to overhaul legacy systems. This is a breath of fresh air for banks that must turn around their old technologies to implement new ones.

Meanwhile, the out-of-the-box design of the Digital Banking Hub offers a comprehensive tailor-made architecture with a service offering equivalent to the branch-level functionalities for open banking. What comes in the box? CREALOGIX Branch in a Mobile, CREALOGIX Corporate Portal and CREALOGIX RM Dashboard, in combination enabling private banks to design their digital strategies flexibly.

With these systems, customers are empowered with a fast, secure and easy way to manage their accounts and portfolios on-the-go.

Other platform features include a news and insights portal, and a messaging system which customers can use to interface with their relationship managers. They can also set up SMS or email notifications for themselves based on personalised scenarios.

Looking towards the future, CREALOGIX is also rolling out a variety of biometrics-based authentication options on mobile apps, such as touch ID and facial recognition. And with its acquisition of Koemei, an AI technology company, CREALOGIX now has the power to tap into automated speech recognition (ASR) to convert audio, podcast, and video content into text data—a step in the direction for the use of AI and machine learning to bolster data capabilities.

This enhancement helps relationship managers understand detail at a granular level, and address relevant topics for customers, solely from keywords.

CREALOGIX is Asian Private Banker‘s Best Mobile/Tablet App Developer of 2017.

Pascal Wengi, managing director, Asia Pacific, CREALOGIX

“In the evolving age of digital transformation, digital natives expect to carry out financial transactions conveniently on their mobile devices. At CREALOGIX, we develop and implement innovative solutions to support banks of tomorrow in building their own ecosystem of services – from core banking to digital and mobile banking in a secure environment. This award is a testament to our innovative solutions that address the ever-evolving market needs and mobility demands.”