Asian Private Banker China Wealth Awards 《亚洲私人银行家》中国财富奖

Asian Private Banker has chosen to launch our inaugural China Wealth Awards. In doing so, we believe practitioners who have delivered best practice services under China’s unique circumstances and market environment, and could all the while drive genuine change in the industry and guide clients forward under the present environment, deserves the recognition.


Timeline 日程

Categories 奖项类别

China Private Banker of the Year 中国年度私人银行家

Business Awards 业务表现奖项

  • Best National Private Bank in China 中国最佳私人银行 – 国有银行组
  • Best Private Bank in China – Joint-stock Bank 中国最佳私人银行 – 股份制银行组
  • Best Private Bank in China – City Commercial Bank 中国最佳私人银行 – 城市商业银行组
  • Best International Wealth Manager in China 中国最佳国际财富管理机构
  • Best Wealth Manager in China – Securities Brokerage 中国最佳财富管理机构 – 券商组
  • Best Wealth Manager in China – Independent Wealth Manager 中国最佳第三方理财机构
  • Best Family Office in China 中国最佳家族办公室
  • Best Digital Wealth Management Platform in China 中国最佳财富管理科技平台
  • Business Innovation 业务创新
  • Training & Development 企业培训及发展

Service Awards 服务品质奖项

  • Ultra High Net Worth Services 超高资产净值客户服务
  • Family Office Services 家族办公室客户服务
  • Entrepreneur Services 企业家客户服务
  • Female Client Services 女性客户服务
  • Next Generation Services 第二代客户服务
  • Client Education 客户教育服务
  • Trust Planning Services 财富规划服务
  • Concierge Services 增值服务

Investment Solution Awards 投资方案奖项

  • Investment Research & Advisory 投资研究与咨询
  • Discretionary and Segregated Portfolio Management 全权委托及独立投资管理
  • Alternative Investment Advisory 另类投资组合咨询

Categories marked by this symbol are also open to independent wealth managers.

Submission Guidelines 申请指南

Asian Private Banker China Wealth Awards will be pitch-based. All nominees and candidates will be evaluated, and a winner will be chosen based on the criteria set forth in the submission guidelines.

《亚洲私人银行家》中国财富奖将根据申请材料,对所有被提名者及候选人进行评估,并依照 申请指南中规定的标准评选出获胜者。

Asian Private Banker understands and respects each institution’s need for confidentiality and takes information security seriously. Access to any and all submission material is strictly limited to the Judging Panel. The Judging Panel is prepared to sign nondisclosure agreements where necessary.

《亚洲私人银行家》理解并尊重各个机构的保密要求,并且十分重视信息安全。 所有提交的材料仅供评审委员会审阅。评审委员会在必要时可以签署保密协议。

Judging Panel 评审委员会

The China Wealth Awards are judged by members of Asian Private Banker’s editorial team and chaired by Sebastian Enberg, editor.

  • Sebastian Enberg
  • Richard Otsuki
    Deputy Editor & Head of Investment Coverage
  • Ben Yang
    Editorial Director
  • Charlene Cong
    Senior Reporter
  • Alice So
    Senior Reporter
  • Tin Tin Sze
    Senior Reporter
  • Rebecca Isjwara

Today, the editorial team is the most experienced and connected bureau of journalists covering private banking and wealth management in the Asia Pacific region.
由主编Sebastian Enberg领导的评审团将基于所有依照提交程序提交的资料甄选获奖者。

Contact Us 联系我们

If you have any awards-related enquiries, please contact us via or dial +852 2529 4178.
如有任何与奖项计划的查询,欢迎电邮至 或致电+852 2529 4178。

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