Asian Private Banker China Wealth Awards 《亚洲私人银行家》中国财富奖 – Best Digital Wealth Management Platform in China 中国最佳财富管理科技平台

2018 Winners 获奖名单

Best Digital Wealth Management Platform in China

Huatai Securities Co., Ltd.

9 April 1991
Headquarters No. 228 Middle Jiangdong Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
总部地址 中国江苏省南京市江东中路228号
Number of branches 29 branch offices and 241 securities branches
分行总数 分公司29 家,证券营业部241家
Branch locations Across 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, and Jiangsu
分行地区 上海、北京、广东、江苏等29个省、市和自治区
Senior management Zhou Yi – chairman of the board of directors, president
Ma Zhaoming – vice president
Sun Hanlin – vice president
Wu Zufang – vice president
Jiang Jian – vice president
Shu Ben’e – chief financial officer
Li Yun – chief compliance officer, general legal counsel
Zhang Hui – secretary to the board of directors
Wang Chong – chief risk officer
高管资料 周易 – 董事长、总裁
马昭明 – 副总裁
孙含林 – 副总裁
吴祖芳 – 副总裁
姜健 – 副总裁
舒本娥 – 财务负责人
李筠 – 合规总监、总法律顾问
张辉 – 董事会秘书
王翀 – 首席风险官
Number of employees 9,432, including more than 2,000 professional investment consultants
员工人数 9,432,其中有超过2,000名专业投资顾问
2018 Total client account assets RMB 2.46 trillion
2018 客户账户资产规模 2.46万亿元人民币
2018 Client count Nearly 13 million
2018 客户数目 近1,300万
Company website 公司官网
Phone 电话号码 +86 (0)25 8338 9999
Email 电邮 [email protected]
Services offered
Securities, futures and options brokerage, financial products sales, and capital-based intermediary business
Given our broad client base, we are committed to establishing an online and offline integrated wealth management service system and refined client operation model. Since the launch of the Internet strategy in 2009, we have continued to upgrade and innovate the mobile financial service model. Based on the ‘ZhangLe Fortune Path’ APP, we provide clients with intelligent integrated services online, and relying on professional investment consultants across widely distributed business outlets, we provide clients with more targeted asset allocation services offline. We continue to learn from the mature experience and models of service and investment consultants abroad, and our advanced internal wealth management service platform has become an efficient tool for all investment consultants to accurately understand and efficiently serve clients.