Asian Private Banker China Wealth Awards 《亚洲私人银行家》中国财富奖 – Best Private Bank in China – Concierge Services 中国最佳私人银行 – 增值服务

2018 Winners 获奖名单

Best Private Bank in China – Concierge Services
中国最佳私人银行 – 增值服务

China CITIC Bank Private Banking

Launched 成立年份 2007
Headquarters No. 9 Chaoyangmen North Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
总部地址 中国北京市东城区朝阳门北大街9号
Number of branches 37 domestic tier-1 branches and an overseas presence
分行总数 37家境内一级分行,以及部分海外分支机构
Branch locations All provinces excluding Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao
分行地区 除香港、台湾、澳门外的境内全部省区
Senior management Li Guofeng – general manager
Kang Jing – executive deputy general manager
高管资料 李国峰 – 部门总经理
康静 – 部门常务副总经理
Number of employees 196 (Wealth Consulting Team)
员工人数 196 (财富顾问团队)
2018 Total AUM RMB 486.203 billion
2018 资产管理额 4,862.03亿元人民币
2018 Client count
2018 客户数目
2018 Minimum asset requirement per client RMB 6 million (daily average by month)
2018 私行门槛 600万元人民币 (月日均)
Company website 公司官网
Services offered
Through effective integration of CITIC Group’s internal and external resources, CITIC Bank has gradually built a comprehensive private banking product line with a wide range of products that meet the diversified financial needs of customers. A private banking customer service team, consisting of investment consultants and wealth consultants, taps into asset allocation methodologies to help customers build and dynamically manage portfolios. Its major offerings include cash management products, fixed income products, equity investment products, alternative investment products, family trusts, and discretionary investment management.

CITIC Bank has also created five major membership clubs (Investors Club, Health Care Club, Future Leaders Club, Enjoyable Life Club, and Travellers Club) for private banking clients. With professional consultation, value-added services and special events, CITIC Bank has built a unique platform of differentiated services for its clients. In addition, CITIC Bank also launched a ‘Diamond Concierge’ exclusive service for premium customers, aimed at providing the ultimate experience with one-on-one exclusive service which covers the diversified needs of each client and supports communication via WeChat, telephone, SMS and email, among other channels.

In the future, CITIC’s private bank will continue to adhere to a customer-centric service concept as well as enhance customer experience in products, services, and events. In terms of products, great efforts have been made to establish brands including ‘CITIC Wealth Index’ and ‘CITIC Selects’ which offer a general asset allocation system and dynamic adjustment strategies. Meanwhile, by utilising key products and businesses such as family trusts and discretionary investment management, the bank assists in facilitating family wealth growth for its clients. And in terms of service, it has actively ramped up its private banking centres in branches and cultivated professional product managers, wealth consultants, investment consultants, and specialist teams providing services according to the 1+1+N model. Regarding events, the bank constantly enriches special activities with the support of its ‘standardised + personalised’ system. Furthermore, CITIC has continuously developed its private banking brand and upgraded its management skills as part of the comprehensive ‘financial + non-financial’ service plan on offer to private banking customers.


As one of the pioneers in China’s private banking industry, CITIC Bank has been adhering to the brand proposition of ‘protecting the warmth (信守温度)’ since its private banking business was launched in 2007 and continuing with the idea of ‘protecting the warmth with faith (用信念守护传承的温度)’. After years of exploration and practise, the bank strives to achieve a harmonious balance between customer asset return and investment risk management. As of now, the number of CITIC’s private banking customers has exceeded 36,800, with a three-year CAGR of 28%, while assets under management have exceeded RMB 500 billion with a three-year CAGR of 24%. The bank leads the industry in terms of growth numbers and the size of its client base, and exhibits great momentum going forward.