Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2022

Asian Private Banker’s Asset Management Awards for Excellence identify and honour the region’s best third-party providers of asset management products and services to private banks in the Asia Pacific region.




1. Global Equity
2. US Equity
3. Europe Equity
4. Asia Pacific Equity
5. Greater China Equity
6. China A-Shares Equity
7. Japan Equity
8. India Equity
9. Global Emerging Market Equity
10. ASEAN Equity
11. Global Technology Equity
12. Equity ETF


13. Global Bond
14. US Bond
15. Europe Bond
16. Asia Pacific Bond
17. China Bond
18. Global Emerging Market Bond
19. Global High Yield Bond
20. Asia Pacific High Yield Bond
21. Global Investment Grade Bond
22. Asia Pacific Investment Grade Bond
23. ESG/Sustainable Bond


24. Multi-asset Solution
25. Multi-asset ESG Solution
26. Best New Fund
27. Liquid Alternative
28. Private Markets
29. Real Assets
30. Thematic Provider
31. Disruptive Fund
32. House of the Year – ESG
33. House of the Year – Overall

Submission Guidelines & Fact Sheet

The Asian Private Banker Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2022 recognise fund providers that can demonstrate best-in-breed performance, asset gathering, content, and servicing. They are open to all third-party providers of asset management products and services to the private wealth management industry in the Asia Pacific region.

The Awards will be pitch-based. All nominees and candidates will be evaluated, and a winner will be chosen based on the criteria set forth in the submission guidelines.

Eligible asset managers are invited to submit a completed fact sheet form (one for each category) along with relevant supporting documents. Shortlisted firms will then be invited to pitch in-person on a category-specific basis. As per the criteria, fund selectors’ feedback on shortlisted firms will be taken into account.


*Each fact sheet can be printed and filled out or completed digitally.

Submit all fact sheets and related pitch documents electronically to or via post to:
Asian Private Banker AMA 2022
13/F Greatmany Centre
111 Queen’s Road East
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Asian Private Banker understands and respects participants’ confidentiality requirements and takes information security seriously. Access to submission materials is limited to the Judging Panel and strict measures are in place to ensure the security of physical and electronic materials.

Because the accuracy and success of the Awards are in large part due to the transparency of participants, the Judging Panel is prepared to sign nondisclosure agreements upon request.


Q: Is there any cost of entry for the AMAs?
A: No. Fees are not required for entry or consideration.

Q: If we only distribute products directly to end clients, should we still apply to the AMAs?
A: A core criterion of the AMAs is the strength of any one firm’s private banking/independent wealth management (PB/IWM) distribution capabilities in Asia. To that end, only asset managers who use PB/IWM firms as a distribution channel or have been onboarded on at least one PB/IWM firm’s product platform should apply.

Q:We have a fund that hasn’t been launched yet in Asia, but soon will be. Is that fund still applicable for the ‘Best New Fund’ award?
A: We will only accept new funds that have already been launched and already have private banks as distribution channels. In the case of the 2022 AMAs, this category is applicable to funds launched between 1 July 2020 and 1 July 2021.

Q: Are repositioned funds applicable to the ‘Best New Fund’ award?
A: The Judging Panel will accept repositioned or rebranded funds on a case-by-case basis. If the majority of the fund’s holdings, team, or investment style/strategy differs from the original fund, we will very likely accept the repositioned fund’s submission.

Q: According to your criteria, the fund that we would like to submit for an award falls under more than one category. Which category should we pick?
A: If your strategy meets the criteria for multiple categories, you are free to apply for all the categories that are applicable.

Q: What do you define as a multi-asset strategy for the Multi-asset Solution award?
A: Multi-asset funds must hold at least two types of asset classes across equities, fixed income, and/or alternatives in order to be eligible. Funds whose core investment objective focuses on a single asset class will not be eligible even if derivative instruments are held for hedging purposes within the fund.

Q: Is the information required on your fact sheet(s) region-specific?
A: Yes. All particulars for the category that you are applying for should be specific to private banks in the Asia Pacific region. You may submit additional data not specific to the APAC region to strengthen your pitch, but you will primarily be judged on your APAC-specific capabilities and business performance.

Q: To what date should we submit our performance information?
A: Where available, please provide the 1-, 3-, and 5-year risk-adjusted performance for the funds (including benchmark performance, where applicable) that are relevant for the category you are applying for. If applicable, please specify if the relevant performance disclosure is compliant to GIPS standards.

Q: In addition to the fact sheet, should we submit anything else to support our application? If so, what format should our supplementary documents be in?
A: The fact sheets are an absolute prerequisite for each award submission, but supporting materials are also highly encouraged. The supporting materials could include items like prospectuses, marketing brochures, investor reports and communiques, conference agendas, and/or custom presentation slides. We accept physical supporting documents as well as digital versions in PDF format.

Q: There is certain information that we feel is too sensitive to share, even under a non-disclosure agreement. Will this affect our submission?
A: The assessment of each award category is based on three weighted criteria for which applicants will submit information, and one weighted criterion based on feedback from private banking fund selectors:

  • Product performance (30% weighting)
  • Asset gathering (20% weighting)
  • Service competency/quality (20% weighting)
  • Fund selector feedback (30% weighting)

Barring very special circumstances, information that is omitted from any criteria based on applicant-submitted information could negatively affect the scores for that category, insofar as it will limit our ability to make an informed decision.

Q: We may not be able to participate in the pitch sessions, will this affect our evaluation?
A: The digital pitch sessions are held so that the Judging Panel can get an enhanced understanding of your firm and offering, and to discuss the finer points of your submission on a background basis. To that end, invited firms are highly encouraged to participate in the sessions, but the lack of participation will only negatively affect your score if there are deficiencies in your submitted information overall, insofar as it will limit our ability to make an informed decision.

Q: Can we submit an application for the ‘House of the Year’ category?
A: Yes. Similar to the other categories, the ‘House of the Year’ category is based on applications. The Judging Panel understands that information submitted for the ‘House of the Year’ category may overlap with the submissions of other award categories – this is expected and acceptable.

Q: Can we submit a single fact sheet for multiple categories?
A: No. Please submit a separate fact sheet for each category that you are applying for – even if there are significant information overlaps in each fact sheet.

Q: We have different companies under our group that specialise in running different strategies. How should we submit for the awards?
A: Please submit details of the specific company that is relevant to the award you are applying for. For example, if your group has an equity-focused fund house and is applying for the Global Equity category, please provide details for that particular fund house, not the group.

Q: What is being awarded? Our firm or our fund?
A: With the exception of the ‘Best New Fund’ award, all categories are awarded at the firm level.

Q: Are fund-of-funds eligible for the Awards?
No. Only single manager strategies are eligible.

Q: Who are the fund selectors that you will be inviting to provide feedback?
A: For the sake of confidentiality, we will not be able to share the companies or the names of the individuals who will contribute to our fund selector feedback process. What we can share, however, is that these individuals are representative of the APAC private banking industry and have key roles in leading the managed investment platforms of their respective firms.

Q: Why are the categories different from the previous year?
A: The selection of available categories are altered occasionally to maintain the quality of the AMA judging process. The categories listed in the Submission Guidelines this year are final and will not be considered for change until the next awards season.

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