Technology Awards 2018 – Best Data Management Solution

2018 Winners



Patrick Donaldson
head of market development, wealth APAC,

As one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and technology, Refinitiv is proud to win Best Data Management Solution at this year’s APB Technology Awards. We see data as just the beginning of huge opportunities in financial markets. With the volume of data continuing to grow exponentially, wealth management firms are investing in building more advanced analytics and data management capabilities to help drive idea generation — our platform helps them to do this. Refinitiv has a clear role at the heart of the financial community, and as a US$6 billion startup with over 40,000 institutional clients in 190 countries, we’re in a unique position to support wealth managers with ambitions to deliver an enhanced client experience.
Data may well be the oil of the 21st century but its supply is anything but finite — in fact, the analysis and integration of existing data begets more data, and the cycle continues. But vast stores of information are meaningless to investors if underutilised or mismanaged, creating an increasing need for comprehensive, scalable, and trustworthy data management tools.

Previously known as the Financial and Risk business of Thomson Reuters until October 2018, Refinitiv provides its 40,000-plus client companies with an incredible amount of real-time data from thousands of exchange-traded and OTC markets, as well as news archives, ultra-low latency structured news, pricing and referencing data, and the list goes on. Although no industry player can deny the importance of such quality data, it’s Refinitiv’s data management tools that connect investment ideas with investor goals, making the well of information truly valuable.

The Refinitiv Enterprise Platform (TREP) facilitates the flow of real-time market, financial, and regulatory data for human and machine consumption. Not only does the solution allow for the integration of data from multiple sources, it can also enable clients to feed the content into any workflow application. Principal components of TREP include the Advanced Data Hub, a data feed server; the Advanced Distribution Server, which distributes data and updates relevant applications; the Data Access Control Server, which manages the use of fee-liable data; as well as the Advanced Transformation Server, which modifies data instantly. When utilised across a company’s various desks, TREP assures the data flow is secure, fast, and remains linkable to both static and dynamic information.

The secret sauce behind Refinitiv’s capability to unify various and large data pools is the Open Message Model (OMM), an extensible data model that provides building blocks to structure all types of data content. Owing to the varying structure of data types, Refinitiv’s OMM streamlines the wide range of data formats and allows enterprises to define how each data pool is associated with the others, be it linear or hierarchical. The resulting clean network of information can then be integrated with market data and/or used for further analysis by TREP users.

Being able to keep pace with higher volumes of data, more complex trading strategies and increasingly stringent regulations and still meet the modern wealth manager’s data management needs is no easy feat.

Refinitiv is the winner of Asian Private Banker’s award for Best Data Management Solution in 2018.