Technology Awards 2018 – Best Integration Advisor

2018 Winners



Yves Roesti
managing partner APAC,

We at Synpulse are honoured to be recognised for our ability to develop value-add solutions for financial institutions based on frontier fintech offerings. This integration skill becomes ever more important amidst accelerating innovation in this space. Synpulse would like to thank our clients for entrusting us with their future. A special thanks also goes to the Synpulse team of agile-minded consultants who help us pioneer unprecedented challenges and create an impact.
Digital innovation can be a double-edged sword for private banks — while technology upgrades can lead to significant cost reductions and increased productivity, tampering with dated legacy infrastructure may produce unforeseen issues that are not only disruptive but damaging to the bottom line.

Nevertheless, institutions have no choice other than to push ahead with their digital agendas so as to future-proof their businesses. If banks choose to do so alongside a proven specialist in integration, they stand a better chance of delivering on their targets with minimal disruption.

To help private banks overcome the hurdles borne of digital integration, Synpulse brings more than a decade of regional experience and its vast network of fintech solutions to the table. In 2018, the firm helped to successfully revamp and digitalise the processes of some of the region’s largest wealth managers, using its technical expertise to address the most pressing issues that private banks face today: client onboarding, processing automation, transaction monitoring, and the like.

In one instance, Synpulse supervised the overhaul of a European-headquartered bank’s onboarding procedures and in another, it helped deploy bots for two pure play banks looking to automate document processing and sanction screening.

Synpulse supports these digital transformations by forming a deep understanding of its clients’ existing systems while providing guidance from proof of concept to pilot testing to the final go-live.

The firm also white labels, develops, and adds features to the services of those third-party technology vendors it partners with to ensure the functionality of each service is fine-tuned to the nuanced needs of the region’s wealth managers. Modifications include adding a glossary of financial terms to one fintech’s speech-to-text database for trade communication surveillance and improving bots to speed up robotic process automation.

With an unrivalled understanding of the complex set of systems that keep private banks ticking, Synpulse continues to play a crucial role in the digital evolution of the wealth management industry.

Synpulse is Asian Private Banker’s Best Integration Advisor for 2018.