Technology Awards 2018 – Best Trading And Execution Platform

2018 Winners



Steve O’Hanlon

2018 was a groundbreaking year for Numerix as an increasing number of private banks are adopting our technology solution, for both pricing and risk management. It was an amazing banner year for deployment for a very mature product, leading us to the largest growth year in the company’s history. As the leading front-to-risk platform for optimised decision-making and efficiency, Numerix Oneview has continued to differentiate with our expertise, and evolve as a scalable and future-proof technology stack. We’re honoured to be recognised as Asian Private Banker’s best trading and execution platform.
As market and regulatory complexities grow, so too do the demands of private banks in Asia, which constantly demand more of their trading and execution platforms by seeking systems that can facilitate end-to-end processes and flexibly adapt to new changes and client-specific needs.

In this environment, Numerix Oneview proved to be the platform of choice in 2018 on account of being an intuitive front-to-back system that is able to automate price discovery, RFQs, order execution, and lifecycle management for OTC derivatives and structured products. As an adaptable and future-proof solution, Oneview effectively relieves the mounting pressures that the region’s private banks face due to increased structured product demand from end-clients, higher expectations for front office productivity, and constant regulatory change.

One key differentiator for the platform is its flexible centralised data model and orchestration engine, which ensures scalability and integrability. Proof of Oneview’s effectiveness was demonstrated through its partnership with an Asian private bank last year. Oneview bolted on seamlessly to the bank’s existing systems while offering a user-friendly interface that eliminated the need for double entry. Moreover, via built-in FIX connectivity, it was able to support legacy communication protocols without compromising best practices.

Oneview also adopted a microservice-based architecture in 2018, enabling it to rapidly and securely develop new capabilities for private banks without jeopardising the integrity of the overall platform. Under this new framework, Numerix smoothly added a pre-trade suitability check function for a major private bank in Singapore, helping it reduce compliance time and increase scalability.

Ultimately, Numerix Oneview has proven itself an exceptional trading and execution platform by virtue of the way it simplifies derivatives and structured products trading for the region’s wealth managers.

Numerix Oneview is Asian Private Banker’s Best Trading and Execution Platform for 2018.