Technology Awards 2018 – Fintech Changemaker Of The Year

2018 Winners




Henri Arslanian
fintech & crypto leader, Asia,

Always a pleasure sharing my passion for fintech and the future of the financial services industry with the broader community. This is probably the most exciting period in recent financial services history with all the changes going on in the global fintech ecosystem, from crypto and AI to techfin and platforms.
Given the sustained explosion of fintech in the region and its disruptive effect on business as usual, it became increasingly apparent that a trustworthy voice was needed to help stakeholders cut through the noise and guide industry players through unchartered territories. In Asia, perhaps there is no voice as clear as Henri Arslanian’s, whose ability to distil the digital ecosystem has earned him the reputation of being the region’s preeminent fintech thought leader and steward.A lawyer by trade, Arslanian joined PwC in 2016 as its fintech and crypto lead for Asia, placing him at the forefront of advising financial institutions ranging from multinational corporates to younger, nimbler virtual banks. On the flipside, he provides fintech firms with insights on how to best collaborate with financial institutions. With a foot placed firmly in both sides of the equation, the Canadian is unquestionably no stranger to the fintech community.

Wearing the hats of consultant and speaker, he has also built a platform to mould businesses to better adapt to the digital era and cultivate discussions around innovation. As an educator — Arslanian serves as an adjunct associate professor for a fintech course at the University of Hong Kong — he mentors future generations of changemakers, ensuring that the fintech industry has a strong pipeline of talent to rely on.

Indeed, one only need look at Arslanian’s online presence to understand the profound influence he has. Currently, he boasts over 510,000 LinkedIn followers who he communicates with via regular videos and posts where he passionately discusses the most important happenings in the global fintech and crypto ecosystems.

Early last year, Arslanian was also appointed chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong and was charged with shaping and representing Hong Kong’s fintech community — a monumental responsibility that cannot be understated. All the while, he maintains progress on an upcoming book about the practical impact of fintech, AI, and cryptocurrencies on the financial services industry.

As a commentator on fintech affairs and an invaluable guiding light, Arslanian has helped and will continue to help countless firms and individuals navigate through an age of ceaseless disruption.

Henri Arslanian is Asian Private Banker’s Fintech Changemaker of the Year for 2018.