Technology Awards 2019 – Best CLM Solution

2019 Winners


Best CLM Solution

Wealth Dynamix

Who are you?
Wealth Dynamix is an industry leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions to wealth and asset management firms and private banks.The company was formed in 2012 by experienced technology and financial industry experts who recognised the need for a best-practice compliance compatible solution to unify and digitise the processes across the client lifecycle. Our solution, WDX1, is a multi-award winning, fully integrated and modular, end-to-end CLM platform that addresses the complex requirements of client acquisition and engagement, digital onboarding, regulatory compliance, relationship management, and ongoing client servicing.

Wealth Dynamix has demonstrated significant growth since inception; in 2014 revenue grew by 700%+ and the last 5 years has seen a significant level of growth year on year. In 2019 we were named the 5th fastest growing FinTech in Europe. Wealth Dynamix now operates across the globe with clients in over 14 countries and offices in UK, Switzerland, USA, and most recently an expansion into the APAC market headquartered in Singapore. During the last twelve months, Wealth Dynamix has won a number of new clients in UK, Switzerland, Asia, including a major global French financial institution who will implement our solution across eight jurisdictions.

Describe your solution (I.e. that which is applicable to your award)
The Wealth Dynamix Client Lifecycle Management solution, WDX1, comprises of the following 3 key modules which help financial institutions drive service excellence, integrated technology journeys and relationship management, and client engagement from the very beginning of the relationship:

  • WDX Engage: enhances client acquisition and helps identify and nurture prospects into the sales pipeline through marketing and integrated event management tools
  • WDX Onboard: enables clients and intermediaries to self-serve KYC and onboarding, create service requests and streamline expensive and time-consuming processes whilst reducing lengthy processes which achieve same day onboarding for private clients, 25x faster than the average
  • WDX Manage: optimises client servicing and connects the business, enabling firms to pass processes between the front and middle office, including processing of client requests

WDX1 has 400+ open API‘s, strengthening the wealth managers’ enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy, and integrating the CLM solution with all relevant existing systems, from secure messaging to video conferencing and digital identification.

What makes it stand out/apart from other similar solutions in the marketplace
With the need for speed, quality and personalisation at an all-time high, it’s increasingly difficult to deliver exceptional client service with current tools. The number and frequency of touchpoints has spiralled, the variety of client journeys and channels used is diverse, and the volume and complexity of regulatory requirements has outpaced all expectations.

With the lens now firmly focused on productivity and how best to meet client expectations, agility is the game-changer.

Wealth Dynamix was the first WealthTech firm to transform Client Lifecycle Management processes with innovative applications of data modelling, predictive analytics and sentiment analysis.

No other vendor can offer one unified platform spanning the entire client journey, and with the ability to join up journeys throughout the client lifecycle. Our sole focus on wealth management makes us the top choice for firms wanting to achieve process efficiencies, enrich client service and ensure compliance. Clients come to us because we understand their pain. We have applied deep domain expertise to unleash the power of data across the firm and the ROI from time and cost savings is immense. No other provider can empower wealth managers to service clients efficiently and with insight, whatever their requirements or stage in the client lifecycle, while maintaining a defensible audit trail.

What makes it really stand out?

  • An orchestration layer – with a holistic view of client journeys you can achieve seamless handoffs, align internal touchpoint owners and formulate clearly defined engagement plans
  • A modular approach – we understand that your ultimate goal is to take the heavy-lifting out of your CLM processes, and while some may begin tackling the entire CLM process from the outset, we know that others will want to address one element at a time. Our WDX1 CLM platform offers a range of modules that can be rolled out, as and when needed
  • Easy to use configuration tools – light-touch users (with little or no technical expertise) can create customised workflows and processes
  • Compliance-by-design – capture all data required to meet regulatory obligations just once, as quickly and easily as possible, and re-use it to add value throughout the entire client lifecycle. WDX1 includes all global compliance requirements relevant to the wealth and asset management market, with workflows for processes such as onboarding, annual periodic reviews and ad-hoc client status changes
  • Reporting made easy – user-friendly reporting tool using Microsoft’s Power BI to create beautiful and insightful reports
  • Extensive open API infrastructure – 400+ open API’s coordinate third-party systems (e.g. core banking, portfolio management, KYC/AML/ID&V, chat, e-sign and many more) into a holistic view
  • Cloud or on-premise agnostic – Microsoft has fully-embraced cloud technology and guarantees airtight security In their Azure platform, in line with global, cross-border regulation. However, unlike many other CRM or CLM providers, we offer flexible deployment options so clients who prefer on-premise implementations have the choice; you are fully-supported, whichever you choose, and can migrate at any time
  • AI and ML for real industry use cases – transform big data noise into informative signals that enable client relationships to be managed in a more meaningful and profitable way. Data is accessible, organised, and presented in context and in a form that a relationship manager can easily interpret and act upon. From next best suggestions and tailored client sales opportunities, to AI driven client persona building and preference tagging, to sentiment analysis and more, we combine best-in-class third-party tools with our in-house innovation to bring institutions business value

Explain how it adds value to the business of PBS/WMs
Any investment in technology requires a thorough understanding of the business outcomes expected, along with a full appreciation of the likely cost and time savings.

With Wealth Dynamix the calculation is easy. Examples of returns reported by current clients include:

  • Same day client onboarding, reduced from 30+ days
  • 50% increase in front-office productivity
  • 300% growth in outreach campaign efficiency
  • 80% less time spend managing service requests
  • 40% rise in staff satisfaction resulting from improved adoption of technology

At Wealth Dynamix we work with clients to establish pre-determined business objectives that are used to measure return on investment. Because CLM spans many different business functions, from sales, marketing and client service through to compliance, we confer broadly across your organisation to identify ROI goals, by department or team.

Wealth Dynamix works with you to deliver immediate and ongoing savings, but we also partner with you to create a more collaborative and connected way of managing client relationships, now and into the future. We understand client expectations, and we empower you to deliver.

Contact details
Yvonne Ngai
Commercial Director, APAC
[email protected]