Technology Awards 2021 – Best Disruptive Solution

2021 Winners


Best Disruptive Solution


David Lee
president, Privé Technologies

Duckhee Han
CEO, Quantit

We are truly honoured to receive the Best Disruptive Solution award. The value of Privé Technologies lies in the fact that we can provide numerous solutions that integrate and work seamlessly together. We are able to deliver an ecosystem catered for the end-to-end wealth management process and that is what makes us special. We believe that as our solutions spread and are used by more and more financial institutions, the goal of inclusive financing can be easily accomplished.

– David Lee, President, Privé Technologies

We deeply appreciate this award in recognition of our solution, now acknowledged as the Best Disruptive Solution in Asia. In view of this opportunity, we will lead the popularisation of digital asset management that is all the more convenient and reliable for those who want to use artificial intelligence and IT technology to ensure stability and profitability in the long run.

– Duckhee Han, CEO, Quantit

At Asian Private Banker’s seventh annual Technology Awards, Privé Technologies and Quantit teamed up for a submission for Best Disruptive Solution that was truly fitting of the category’s name.

FINTER, developed by South Korea-based fintech Quantit, is an asset management solution that uses artificial intelligence and statistical analysis to scour structured and unstructured data sources such as news reports to recommend and back-test potential portfolios that are optimised to clients’ risk-and-return characteristics. The entire process is run from the cloud and without the requirement of human intervention.

FINTER, which is distributed via Quantit’s joint venture with wealthtech specialist Privé Technologies, gained traction with wealth-related clients in Asia-Pacific during 2021. A Singapore-based financial institution deployed the technology within its retail business, while an external asset manager (EAM) in the Southeast Asian city-state is equally using FINTER.

Another solution developed by Quantit that is disrupting the wealth space is RABIT, a robo advisor that invests in cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. The platform uses artificial intelligence to recommend an array of products and strategies to clients that are designed to reduce the high levels of volatility associated with crypto-assets. A South Korea-based asset manager is considering deploying RABIT for use by its wealth management clients.

That is why Privé Technologies and Quantit are Asian Private Banker’s 2021 winner of the Technology Award for Best Disruptive Solution.