Technology Awards 2021 – Best Operational Efficiency Solution

2021 Winners


Best Operational Efficiency Solution


Simon Wong
sales manager, APAC, ERI

We are honoured to be named the winner in the Best Operational Efficiency Solution category

Throughout our 30+ years history serving the private banking sector, the OLYMPIC Banking System has been helping clients streamline and automate complex processes — therefore optimising efficiency while keeping operating costs down.

We are dedicated to empowering clients with problem solving tools, freeing up RMs’ time to focus on clients. We have developed solutions that are able to adapt to complex and specific requirements, and able to connect through APIs (application programming interfaces) to a wider ecosystem which will support and drive innovation.

This award is a recognition of our company’s collective efforts to deliver first-class innovative technology and services to clients. We want to thank Asian Private Banker for this award as it serves as a motivation to our entire team to continue to strive for the better.

Asian Private Banker’s decision to award ERI the prize for Best Operational Efficiency Solution at the Technology Awards 2021 was based on the rich functionality of the OLYMPIC Banking System, as well as the vendor’s burgeoning position in the region’s wealth market.

The OLYMPIC Banking System, which is gaining traction among clients in Southeast Asia, provides a single solution for private banks and wealth managers to process in real time securities transactions throughout their lifecycle. That includes initial order capture, checks, execution, settlement and final message processing.

Through the platform, ERI seeks to enhance the customer experience and improve efficiency by reaching 100% straight-through processing (STP) for transactions — and reducing errors and costs in the process.

One enhancement rolled out by ERI for the OLYMPIC Banking System during the period under consideration was an automated pay-out scenario management system for structured products. The new function is particularly pertinent for private clients in the region, given the popularity of structured products. The enhancement — intended to automate and simplify the complexity and multitude of possible actions associated with these products — has helped clients to scale up their structured products business without an equivalent increase in resources.

That is why ERI is Asian Private Banker’s 2021 winner of the Technology Award for Best Operational Efficiency Solution.