Technology Awards 2021 – Tech Changemaker of the Year

2021 Winners

Tech Changemaker of the Year


Salomon Wettstein
senior partner and managing director, Synpulse; co-head, Synpulse8

On behalf of Synpulse and Synpulse8, it is my privilege and honour to accept the award as the Tech Changemaker of the Year. Our work has been recognised by Asian Private Banker year after year for the past seven years and we are proud to be a driving force behind the digital transformation in the region.

The award is a testament to the successful start of Synpulse8, our tech powerhouse, our 25 years of deep industry expertise, and our continued efforts to shape the financial services industry.

Our deepest gratitude goes to our clients for innovating with us and trusting us to create a lasting impact on their business. We share this award with our people and ecosystem partners — this achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the support, consistent hard work, and dedication of everyone!

For international management and technology consultant Synpulse and Salomon Wettstein, 2021 proved to be a transformational year.

The company, which has helped a plethora of regional private banks to take their technological prowess to a new level, took the next natural step in its evolution with the launch of Synpulse8.

Going beyond its parent group’s specialties in management consulting and systems integration, Synpulse8 provides development of end-to-end software solutions designed to tackle the technological challenges faced by the region’s private banks in the age of digitalisation and hyperpersonalisation. Bringing together experts in technology, design and business, Synpulse8 is helping to proliferate the user design principles of Amazon, Facebook and Starbucks to Asia-Pacific’s private banks.

Wettstein, a managing director and senior partner at Synpulse, has been instrumental in the genesis and direction of Synpulse8. As co-head of Synpulse8, Wettstein has been one of the driving forces behind the unit’s early offerings. One of them, known as Benchmark, provides private banks with a methodical and objective way of comparing their digital offerings against those of competitors. The service allows private banks to determine where they are best-in-class in regards to the market, as well as providing guidelines for where specific improvements can be made.

One digital offering that Wettstein and Synpulse8 are currently developing takes a hefty dose of inspiration from mainstream content providers such as Netflix and Spotify. The application, which Synpulse8 plans to white label and sell to private banks and wealth managers in Asia-Pacific, uses artificial intelligence to make product recommendations to clients based on user behaviour such as ‘liking’ specific investment content. As the application gradually gathers more client feedback, it evolves to provide more specific, curated content to the user.

Based on its early promise, Synpulse8 looks set to be a source of positive disruption for the region’s private banking ecosystem over the coming years.

That is why Salomon Wettstein of Synpulse and Synpulse8 is Asian Private Banker’s 2021 winner of the Technology Award for Tech Changemaker of the Year.