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一站式服务: 为中国财富管理机构打造战略解决方案


Workshop 1: “Under one roof: A strategic solutions platform for Chinese wealth intermediaries”

How to adapt as advanced technology, changing investor behavior, and regulatory changes evolve the Asian wealth management industry? We’ll show UBS Asset Management can support you mastering these challenges by going beyond product provision and offering a new and compelling strategic value proposition to Chinese wealth intermediaries.

本土框架下的全球视野: 找到您的全球合作伙伴



Workshop 2: “What’s on the Global Horizon for Local Investors: Finding your Global Partner”

We have witnessed a great transformation of China’s markets over the last 25 years, and have seen an
explosion of China’s wealth management industry over the last ten years amid an exponential growth in wealth

Given strong and increasing demands from the onshore local Chinese markets, what types of global products
and services can Chinese wealth professionals provide to their clients? And more importantly, who will be a
proactive and robust global partner to China-based private banks and wealth managers in bringing a wealth of
global opportunity to these investors?

天达四大动力策略 缔造优越回报

全球股市在2017年表现强劲,主要受到令人鼓舞的经济活动、企业利润上升及相对良好的政策环境所带动。升势能否持续? 还是牛市已呈疲态,接近终点阶段? 面对不少投资者对目前的市场周期持怀疑态度,天达资产管理一直专注于基本因素,挑选优秀的公司,为投资组合缔造长期回报。


Workshop 3: “Generating alpha through Investec 4Factor equity approach”

Global equity markets have seen a strong run amid encouraging economic activity, rising corporate profits and a relatively benign policy background in 2017. Is there room to go? Or are the ageing bull markets reaching a terminal stage? While many investors remain sceptical of the current market cycle, Investec Asset Management always focuses on fundamentals and selects companies that can drive long-term returns for a portfolio.

At this workshop, Investec Asset Management will introduce its proprietary 4Factor approach combining quantitative model and fundamental research, and discuss how their strategies can capture growth across China, Asia, Europe and global markets.

中国客户财富管理解决方案 2.0:超越传统的资产配置



放眼世界,全球高净值个人(HNWIs)和机构投资者不断增加配置以纳入另类投资,另类投资也许是上述问题的解决方案。我们将研究各种另类投资策略,为中国投资者安然应对 2018 年潜在的市场挑战亦同时追求更高回报率。

Workshop 4: “Wealth Solutions 2.0 for Chinese Clients : Beyond Traditional Asset Allocation”

China’s ever-expanding pool of private wealth is one of the fastest-growing accumulations of wealth today. The forces that set in motion a decade of extraordinary private wealth creation in China look poised to continue.

In the face of today’s markets where traditional assets are looking expensive, the million-dollar question would be – what are current investment options available to Chinese investors to continue growing their wealth?

The smart money says it is alternative investments, given the growing allocation and inclusion of alternatives investments by High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and institutional investors around the world.

We will explore the various alternatives strategies that will enable Chinese investors to hunt for higher returns, whilst riding out potential market challenges in 2018.