Alternatives Selection Nexus, Hong Kong 2017

Alternatives Selection Nexus, Hong Kong 2017

April 25, 2017
8:00am – 12:50pm
Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong

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Asian Private Banker, the leading authority on the private banking industry in Asia, hosts the most powerful and effective gathering of alternatives selectors in Asia each April.

What makes an Asian Private Banker Alternatives Selection Nexus (ASN) function different?
  • Seniority of industry peers who participate
  • Focus and exclusivity as only private bank and IAM/SFO/MFO selectors are invited (no institutional, no insurance, no retail, no other sectors)
  • Quality of discussions led by APBs best-in-class editorial team
  • Relevant and restricted sell-side engagement in the morning’s agenda
  • First and still the best (APB hosted the first selector driven function in Asia on 21 November 2012)



    8:00am – 8:55am Registration and Coffee
    8:55am – 9:00am Welcome & Opening Comments
    9:05am – 9:45am Opening Panel Discussion
    Hedge funds and liquid alternative: The year of absolute return?

    In 2016, lacklustre performance and generally diminished risk appetite resulted in limited demand for hedge fund strategies in Asia, despite an uncertain environment that is increasingly challenging the sustainability of traditional benchmark-driven long-only strategies. This year, the outlook is no more certain, headlined by the unexpected election of Donald Trump, which could induce tectonic shifts in monetary, fiscal and trade policy, with structural implications for markets.

    Especially in equities, Asian HNWIs are still demonstrating reluctance to take directional views with the exception of select long-term macro themes. Even so, fixed income concentration risk in portfolios continues to climb.

    Greater complexity in investing requires more sophisticated solutions beyond conventional alpha generation. Will traditional long-only strategies underperform? What is the viability of smart beta solutions as a means of passive outperformance? How can hedge funds and liquid alternatives position themselves to act as diversifiers within portfolios?

    Richard Otsuki, Senior Reporter, Asian Private Banker

    Conversation catalysts:
    Aaron Cheung, Head of Alternative Investments, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
    Gunther Jost, Co-Head of Hedge Funds APAC, Investment Products and Services, UBS Wealth Management
    Thor Monsen, Head of Hedge Funds, Asia, Citi Private Bank
    William Ma, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Noah Wealth Management

    9:50am – 12:00pm Workshops
    12:05 – 12:45pm Closing Panel Discussion
    Private markets: Unicorns of the new economy

    By the first half of 2016, Asia Pacific had already registered US$8.7 billion worth of outbound private equity investments, according to a MergerMarket report, nearly matching the 2015’s total US$9.8 billion. Although there are signs of a slowdown in global capital markets, the region is lush with wealth and private market appetite continues to flourish.

    Private market appetite in Asia has been driven, in part, by muted interest in public markets due to uncertainty, lack of conviction, rising volatility and lower expected returns. Some wealth managers and family offices in the region have even adopted endowment-styled investing to focus on longer-term, outsized returns.

    Is growth in private markets sustainable in the foreseeable future? What themes are Asian HNWIs demanding? Do Asian UHNWIs continue to demand direct investment or are they open to funds? Do industry leaders believe there are longer-term prospects for private banking clients to adopt endowment-styled approaches?

    Richard Otsuki, Senior Reporter, Asian Private Banker

    Conversation catalyst:
    William Ma, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Noah Wealth Management

    12:50 – 2:00pm Networking Luncheon & Dataset Conclusions

    Workshop Topics

    Option Investing: Writing a New Role in Portfolios
    Following several years of above average equity returns with below average volatility, investors are increasingly looking for ways to maintain market exposure while reducing risk or even profiting from any potential increases in market volatility. In this respect, can index options investment strategies help investors reduce tail risk and equity drawdowns, manage portfolio volatility, and increase diversification? The session will introduce and discuss the potential for using systematic putwrite strategies on liquid market indices to achieve these objectives.

    Conversation Catalyst:
    Michael Dyer, Client Portfolio Manager, Neuberger Berman





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