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In Asian Private Banker’s China Wealth Report 2023, we shed light on the growth, business highlights, and outlooks of private banks, wealth management firms, and foreign fund houses in China’s evolving wealth landscape.


相较于全球市场,中国市场仍处在地产板块复苏的持久战中,同时,居民消费力虽然在缓慢恢复,但高净值人群及家庭财富积累的增长速度和质量仍有阻力。根据APB Insights最新数据,2023年,中国前20大银行的资产规模增速(12.8%)落后于亚太区前二十大私人银行的增速(17%),这也是自2020年以来,首次出现较大差异。

Onshore China growth lags Asia Pacific

China’s wealth market continues to be impacted by protracted property market woes and sluggish economic growth, resulting in headwinds to wealth accumulation for U/HNW individuals and families. The impact of that was evident in APB Insights’ China Wealth Report 2023, where AUM growth for onshore China’s top 20 banks (12.8%) in 2023 lagged significantly that of the top 20 private banks across Asia Pacific more broadly (17%) for the first time since 2020.

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