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Growing demand for best-in-breed structured products plays to Deutsche Bank’s strengths

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This is a sponsored article from Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank has reaffirmed its commitment to deliver best-in-breed flow and non-flow structured products and services to Asia’s private banks amidst a region-wide surge in demand from private clients.

Over the past two years, the bank has doubled the size of its structured products sales team covering the region’s private banking segment — and has been astute in the way it organises this force by distinguishing between flow and non-flow specialists for more effective servicing.

It’s an approach that plays to the strengths of Deutsche Bank, whose core competencies revolve around non-flow across asset classes such as structured credit, quantitative investments and multi-asset products and solutions, and to the needs of Asia’s private banks, which demand consistent and informed servicing across all classes without fail.

Claire Arnaudo
Head of structured solutions, Asia Pacific
Deutsche Bank

“Unlike most players in the market, which typically focus on one or a few asset classes, Deutsche Bank’s strength is in its product mix, across fixed income, credit, equity, funds and liquid alternatives,” Claire Arnaudo, head of structured solutions at Deutsche Bank in Asia Pacific, told Asian Private Banker.

Further, Deutsche Bank’s Fixed Income & Currencies business has consistently been one of the top players by market share globally since the financial crisis. The bank’s liquid alternatives platform is also one of the largest and most comprehensive of its kind, offering investment formats which address investors’ evolving requirements regarding regulation, transparency, liquidity, and governance.

Faster and smoother ‘front-to-back chain’
Recognising that flow is by far the biggest part of the structured product business within Asia’s private banking industry, Deutsche Bank has been investing heavily in its equity and FX flow set-up to ensure the entire trading process is faster and smoother for clients.

“We acknowledge that when it comes to structured flow, speed, scalability and a smooth process are key elements of the counterparty choice,” Arnaudo said, highlighting that the bank is currently in the process of automating the ‘entire front-to-back chain’ for its equities platform and working on perfecting the whole lifecycle of the process.

Deutsche Bank’s prowess as a one-stop-solutions provider for Asia’s private banks is backed by a strong focus on automation. Autobahn, the bank’s top-notch single dealer platform for FIC execution has played an important part in demonstrating the bank’s commitment to delivering Asia’s private banking industry with the solutions it requires to meet client demand.

This is a sponsored article from Deutsche Bank.

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