APB Summit 2021

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APB Straight Talk

In this series of closing one-on-one Interviews, forward thinking market practitioners representing various responsibilities within the private wealth management sector will share their views on the opportunities ahead for the industry.

CEO 1:1 Interview – The rise of Asia beyond China

As stability is set to return in China and the asset class to continue to be of considerable interest, where are the untapped opportunities in Asia beyond China and where is growth going to come from in 2022? In this keynote 1:1 interview with Fong Seng Tee of Pictet Wealth Management, Asia, the head of one of the leading independent wealth and asset managers in Asia, will share his views on the rise of Asia as a source of wealth and growth but also as an asset class and destination of investments.


Fong Seng Tee, Chief Executive Officer, Pictet Wealth Management, Asia

COO 1:1 Interview – Following investors through the cycle via a robust digital offering

As market conditions evolve and investors’ positions with them, how is UBS developing a solid framework and digital offering that supports clients through the cycle whilst providing hyperpersonalised services and advisory capabilities? In this keynote onstage interview with UBS, Laurent Rosfelder, will discuss the bank’s digital offering and what enhancements investors can look forward to in 2022 and in support of their current investment decisions.


Laurent Rosfelder, Operating Head, North Asia, UBS Global Wealth Management

CIO 1:1 Interview – Generating results in a changing investment landscape

2021 has seen strong activity across private markets, in private equity, private credit and real estate. How is this trend expected to continue in 2022? Where are the new opportunities to generate results in the year to come and how should you tackle income going forward? Diana Robinson, CIO of J.P. Morgan Private Bank in Asia shares her views.


Diana Robinson, Head of Investments and Advice, Asia, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Standing out from the ESG Crowd

What thematic sustainable investment strategies will see the most growth in 2022 and what themes may have been underinvested? What is the gold standard in a sustainable offering that meets Asia Pacific investors’ demand for both returns and adherence to ESG principles? How can the ESG process be embedded into the bank’s strategy for investors’ benefit? How to stand out from the competition when it comes to the construction of an ESG product in Asia Pacific? Join this stream to find out more.

Integrating ESG into Long-Term Equity Analysis

At Morningstar, we view analysis of ESG risks as essential for long-term investors. Our global team of equity analysts formally incorporate analysis of ESG risks into our research process in a way that aligns with our investment philosophy and long-term mandate, focussing on valuation, rather than values. This session explores Morningstar’s ESG integration process, including how we estimate probability and valuation materiality of related risks, the inclusion of ESG factors into Morningstar’s economic moat and uncertainty ratings, and collaboration with our internal partners at Sustainalytics.

Uncovering the mysteries of ESG

In this session, BNY Mellon Investment Management will discuss how to integrate ESG considerations into equity research and the opportunities such an approach presents to investors

Sustainable Asian cities: A thematic approach to Asian Fixed Income

Did you know that among the top 100 cities facing the greatest environmental risk, 99 of them are in Asia? In this session, we will discuss why investors should explore thematic investing in the Asian fixed income space and the investment case for Asian Sustainable Cities. Most importantly, we will examine how a sustainable Asian cities fixed income strategy can add value-add to your portfolio.

Maximising China returns

How should you invest in the China market? Despite recent turmoil, China net growth is set to continue to be the growth story in Asia in 2022 and beyond. How should you position your investments in order to take advantage of the China risk opportunity? Which of China’s fixed income markets should be the focus for 2022? What will be the onshore equity opportunities for investors in the coming year? How to extract maximum value from the SME market and unearth the hidden gems for market beating returns? Join this stream to find out more.

Thematic investing opportunities in China

China’s economic growth model is evolving. The transition to net zero, ‘common prosperity’ reforms, innovation and technological progress, and a growing private market space, should all help to provide investment opportunities for active investors in China. In this session, Fidelity’s investment experts will do a deep dive into the key themes they believe offer long-term return potential, and how ESG considerations play a pivotal role.

The future of investing in China

At Allianz Global Investors, we are of the view that China A shares have become a more structural allocation in many client portfolios. And looking ahead as confidence in China recovers, in addition to existing ‘core’ products, we believe attention will turn to ‘where next for the China growth story?’. While thematic investing has been popular within mainland China, so far there have been limited products available for global clients. We believe this is set to change and see significant opportunities for new actively-managed thematic products as the future for investing in China. Join our session to find out more.

Global opportunities ahead

Is real estate going to be the play for 2022 as economies start to recover? Which private debt or private equity opportunities are seeing the most interest from investors in this region? Where are the opportunities in the small to mid-cap space – by region by sector – for yield hungry investors? Join this stream to find out more.

Perspectives and opportunities in global real estate

Join Nuveen’s experts for a discussion on how mega trends are shaping the real estate landscape globally and in Asia Pacific and how these mega trends are creating opportunities for alternative sectors.

Small Cap Equities: An untapped investment opportunity beckons

Small Cap Equities have had a strong run in 2021 relative to other asset classes, with the MSCI AC World Small Cap Index and the MSCI EM Small Cap Index gaining +14% and +17% respectively (YTD September 2021). At a time when valuations for most asset classes look rich, several Small Cap ideas are still trading at a discount whilst their earnings growth outlook heading into 2022 continues to be robust. Join this discussion with Matthews Asia and various Private Bank representatives to find out where the best opportunities are today and how Small Caps may complement an investor’s overall portfolio

Plenary Speakers

Amy Lo
Co-Head Wealth Management Asia Pacific, UBS Global Wealth Management, Head and Chief Executive, UBS Hong Kong, Group Managing Director

Arnaud Tellier
Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific, BNP Paribas Wealth Management

David Shick
Head of Private Banking Greater China and Chief Executive Hong Kong Branch, Julius Baer

Diana Robinson
Head of Investments and Advice, Asia, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Fong Seng Tee
Chief Executive Officer, Pictet Wealth Management, Asia

François Monnet
Managing Director, Head of Private Banking North Asia, Chief Executive Hong Kong Branch, Credit Suisse

Laurent Rosfelder
Operating Head, North Asia, UBS Global Wealth Management

Vincent Chui
Head of Asia Wealth Management of Morgan Stanley and Chief Executive, Morgan Stanley Bank Asia Limited

William Russell
Global Head of Equity Product Specialists, Allianz Global Investors


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