Awards for Distinction 2019 – Best Private Bank – Sustainable Investments

Best Private Bank Sustainable Investments


Indosuez Wealth Management

Best Private Bank – Sustainable Investments

Arjan de Boer

head of markets, investments & structuring, Asia, Indosuez Wealth Management

“As a pioneer in adopting ESG principles in solutions and services for our clients, Indosuez Wealth Management is honoured to be recognised as the Best Private Bank – Sustainable Investments.

Sustainability is deeply rooted in our DNA and incorporating ESG principles in investment solutions becomes even more pressing as global climate change and sustainability have developed into daily living issues on planet Earth. ESG performance and monitoring will remain an integral facet of our key competencies as we continue to draw on the strength of our global and local risk management expertise in the drive towards value-added performance.

We deeply appreciate and thank our clients for their trust and support in our efforts and reaffirm our commitment to providing exceptional service through a diverse range of asset classes and thematic offerings.”

Winners rationale

Other than competitors whose sustainable investment strategies rely on providing clients with ESG-themed funds or bond subscription opportunities, Indosuez Wealth Management in 2019 generated a separate environmental, social, and governance score for each investment product in order to create an overall awareness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in every investment decision.

Listing the average, maximum and minimum scores in ESG performance of each product, Indosuez provided an ESG scorecard of the clients’ overall investment portfolio. In doing so, it relied on the input of external consultants and a team of ESG specialists from Amundi, which provided a detailed scoring for each fund available on the Indosuez platform.

Private bankers at Indosuez introduced clients to the concept of sustainable investment by discussing the environmental, social and governance performance of the most popular single stocks. No other private bank in Asia has the ability of Indosuez to provide a rating for every investment line of a client known to the bank, down to the level of individual stocks and bonds.

In addition, the bank has been analysing risks for investment portfolios and making investment decisions on the basis of ESG ratings since early 2019. The bank would offer suggestions about improving client portfolios’ ESG scores by switching to investments with a similar level of return.

Promotion of sustainable investment extended to the bank’s daily emails to RMs worldwide, providing daily recommendations on specific ESG related structured products to increase awareness. The streamlined process resulted in marked improvements in clients’ overall portfolio ESG rating, suggesting that a shift towards more sustainable investment choices is becoming mainstream.

Indosuez has made it known that its ambition is to offer a 100% ESG product range, by excluding certain companies from investment recommendations and by including ESG ratings in the investment standards in DPM mandates.

Indosuez’s distinct method of incorporating the ESG theme into its investment strategies and allowing sustainability goals to connect with clients’ daily transactions has earned it Asian Private Banker’s first award for Best Private Bank – Sustainable Investments for 2019.

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