Technology Awards 2019 – Best Data Management Solution

2019 Winners

Best Data Management Solution


Who are you?
NeoXam is a leading financial software company, delivering solutions and services for 150+ customers in 25 countries worldwide. NeoXam is committed to its clients’ success: we deliver reliable and scalable solutions, processing more than US$15 trillion worth of assets per day and serving over 10,000 users.

Through its combined talents and transparent approach, NeoXam helps buy- and sell-side players address the continuous changes in the financial market industry, to grow and better serve their clients. NeoXam relies on 500+ staff, is headquartered in Paris and has 14 offices across the globe.

Describe your solution (I.e. that which is applicable to your award)
DataHub enables firms to strategically plan for, and consistently manage, data flows with a reliable data quality monitoring system based on a single centralised source of data. It helps automate and scale compliance operations by reducing costs and increasing the speed of compliance. It can effectively cater for current and future regulatory changes by providing a solution that is agile, scalable and flexible.

This, coupled with its creation of a single, trusted source of information for their critical processes, has enabled financial institutions to drive specific projects to achieve a competitive advantage and significantly reduce operational costs.

What makes it stand out/apart from other similar solutions in the marketplace?
NeoXam’s solution is ultra-flexible and uniquely comprehensive, with rich data models covering an incomparable scope of business data, allowing organisations to focus on their core added-value business development instead of wasting time and expertise knee-deep in data.

Explain how it adds value to the business of PBS/WMs
DataHub enables PBs/WMs to create a new reference database, saving both time and cost over standard market or in-house solutions. For example, defining the requirements and writing specifications for a securities master file data can easily take over a year.

NeoXam’s standard out-of-the-box data models cover over 95% of the needs of any financial institution, and its data model is fully adaptable and flexible to manage any of the types of financial data that they would ever require.

Contact details
Tim Versteeg
[email protected]
+65 6632 3662