Technology Awards 2023 – Best Front Office Solution

Best Front Office Solution



Best Front Office Solution

Avi Pardo

co-founder and CBO

LeapXpert is incredibly honoured to receive the Asian Private Banker Technology Award in the Best Front Office Solution category. This recognition underscores our commitment to revolutionising client communication for relationship managers.

With The LeapXpert Communications Platform, front-office employees can communicate with clients on their preferred communications channels including WhatsApp, WeChat, and LINE. This helps build and drive deeper client engagement, strengthens the employee experience, and ensures that banks retain data ownership and governance while ensuring compliance.

We are particularly proud of our Single Professional Identity, which ensures compliant communication across multiple channels with a single phone number, and our innovative solution for Microsoft Teams, which enables private bankers to reach their clients through their preferred messaging apps – all from within the native Teams chat interface.

What was behind the judges’ decision?

  • LeapXpert was able to demonstrate effectively to the Technology Awards judging panel that it significantly deepened its penetration within the region’s private banking and wealth management community, including client wins among leading institutions in the space
  • The company convincingly articulated the merits of new features that it implemented into its solution during the period under consideration for the awards, including new encryption protocols and secure document-sharing functions
  • LeapXpert was also able to show the judging panel how its solution is differentiated in the private banking and wealth management space, with its capabilities including being the only player in the market to offer native integration with Microsoft Teams

What we said

“In 2023, LeapXpert’s solutions have significantly enhanced the communications capabilities of front office teams at leading private banks and wealth managers in Asia Pacific. This has not only been in a way that is powerfully innovative, but compliant with the increasingly complex regulatory frameworks that govern how RMs conduct business with clients,” said Daniel Shane, editor of Asian Private Banker and chair of the Technology Awards judging panel.

“Demonstrating its appetite for continuous innovation, the fast-growing company is busy integrating artificial intelligence into its technology in a way that promises to automate routine tasks and provide more detailed personalised recommendations for private bank clients.”

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