Investment Advisory Summit Hong Kong 2011

Investment Advisory Summit, Hong Kong 2011

April 12, 2011
9:00am – 6:30pm
The Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong

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    Beginning in 2010, the Investment Advisory Summits (IAS) are the only events held in Asia that specifically address the needs and issues facing the ever-important heads of advisory and investment counselling at Asia’s leading private banks.


    8:00am – 8:55am Registration and Coffee
    8:55am – 9:00am Welcome and opening comments
    Andrew Shale
    Asian Private Banker
    9:00am – 9:45am Session 1 | Opening keynote speech

    Mark Steward
    Executive Director, Enforcement Division
    Securities and Futures Commission Hong Kong

    9:45am – 10:15am Session 2 | Investing after the financial crisis: Improving risk management and asset allocation
    The financial crisis brought about many challenges for investors as traditional investment approaches delivered poor results in the face of market volatility. We reexamine two foundations of modern portfolio management theory: risk management and asset allocation. How can we improve risk management? How can we make portfolio asset allocation more robust?

    Dr. Harold Y Kim
    Head of Multi Asset Group Asia
    Citigroup Global Markets Asia

    10:15am – 10:40am Coffee break
    10:40am – 11:15am Session 3 | Private banking in Asia following the global financial crisis: the regulatory response to cross-border private banking targeting emerging Asian wealth
    The private banking industry is rapidly increasing headcount and other resources in Asia to target the emerging wealth in the region. The aftermath of the financial crisis has accelerated this process given stronger growth and availability of capital in Asia. Most private banks are using Singapore and/or Hong Kong as hubs to service clients based in surrounding countries such as China, Taiwan and Indonesia. But there are regulatory headwinds coming from Europe and the US as well as local issues (notably in Hong Kong and Singapore), and there is growing resistance to the fly-in/fly-out model from jurisdictions such as Taiwan. We shall look to provide a weather report and route map for this rapidly changing regulatory environment.

    James Wadham
    Partner, Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    Clifford Chance

    11:15am – 11:50am Session 4 | A macroeconomic update on Asia ex-Japan: The opportunities and challenges for 2011
    2011 continues to highlight the contradictions between emerging and developed markets. As Asia ex-Japan experiences inflationary pressures across the region, the result is a tightening of monetary measures while the US-led recovery of the developed markets continues to enjoy fairly loose conditions. Which sectors should investors target in Asia ex-Japan in the short term to capitalize on such disparity? What are the key investment themes to examine across the region for 2011? How long do we expect these contradictions to last?

    Wilfred Sit
    Head of Asia Pacific Investment Strategy
    Mirae Asset Global Investments (HK)

    11:50am – 12:35pm Session 5 | The Role of Private Banks: Wealth Manager or Broker?
    The investment and advisory landscape has undergone significant changes in recent years, particularly in Asia. The traditional European model of private banks as long-term wealth managers has been replaced in Asia to some extent by a brokerage-oriented model focused on trading activity. Is this a fair assessment of the current private bank market in Asia? Have we become too focused on short-term trading activity? How do we reorient the focus of private banks back towards long-term wealth management?

    Bernard Wai
    Managing Director
    Head of Cross Asset Group Sales Asia-Pacific
    Citigroup Global Markets Asia Ltd

    Angel Wu
    Regional Head of Products & Solutions Asia
    ABN AMRO Private Banking

    Richard Mak
    Managing Director
    Head of Advisory, Asia
    BNP Paribas Wealth Management

    Francis Edwards
    Consultant, Derivatives and Structured Products
    Clifford Chance

    12:35pm – 1:50pm Luncheon
    1:50pm – 2:30pm Session 6 | ETFs: challenges and opportunities facing private banks in Asia
    As the growth in the ETF market in Asia continues, private banking clients are increasingly aware of the flexibility of these products. They allow investors to go long or short on a variety of asset classes ranging from commodities, bonds, FX to the more common equities and index funds. There are also several tax advantages of using ETFs for the Asian investor. But Asian private banks are still grappling with core issues surrounding their role as distributors of ETFs and, indeed, how the product should be sold. While ETFs play an important role in private bank discretionary management, their popularity among investment advisory teams and RMs is still questionable. The panel, comprising issuer, private bank advisors and a legal specialist examine these issues.

    Christine Huang
    Vice President, Lyxor ETF
    Societe Generale Group

    Harmen Overdijk
    Portfolio Manager
    EFG Bank

    Alan Luk
    Assistant General Manager, Head of Private
    Banking and Trust Services
    Hang Seng Private Bank

    Dr Matthias Feldmann
    Partner – Investment Management and Funds Advisory
    Clifford Chance

    2:35pm – 3:20pm Session 7 | Commodities: nuggets or nuts?
    Commodities are back with a vengeance. Price hikes at the start of 2011 gave us a taste of déjà-vu; gold was rocketing, oil shot above US$100 a barrel, and many Cassandras predicted future catastrophe as a result of the surge in costs of food staples. With inflation also a constant companion, how can investors take advantage of such heady commodity markets? Indeed, is it too late to invest in commodities? And given an increasing politically correct global environment, does investor conscience affect food prices?

    Daniel Ghirardi
    Chief Executive Officer
    SYZ & CO (Hong Kong) Ltd.

    Ringo Lau
    Deputy Managing Director
    Wealth Management Service, BSI Investment Advisors

    Eleonore Dachicourt
    Director, Head of Fund Distribution
    Asia Pacific, Private Wealth Management, Deutsche Bank

    Kirby Daley
    Senior Strategist and Head of
    Capital Introductions-Asia, Newedge Group

    3:20pm – 3:55pm Coffee break
    3:55pm – 4:40pm Session 8 | Blinded by the RMB spotlight? Why private clients may miss a wider Asia Fixed Income opportunity
    With the CNH bond market hitting the headlines in Hong Kong, the investment searchlight has been firmly focused on the internationalisation of the RMB. However, while all eyes are trained on the fortunes of China’s currency, many may be missing a bigger Asia Fixed Income story and the returns that are being generated through other Asian currencies, credits and interest rate opportunities.

    Yu-Ming Wang
    Senior Managing Director
    Head of Fixed Income, Asia
    Manulife Asset Management (Asia)

    Nick Rowland
    Serisys Solutions

    4:40pm – 4:45pm Round Up
    Andrew Shale
    5:00pm Official Cocktail Reception
    6:30pm Close

    Advisory Council

    Emily Mok
    Head of Portfolio Advisory Services
    RBS Coutts

    Sen Sui
    Head of Advisory, Asia Private Banking
    Credit Agricole Suisse

    Angel Wu
    Regional Head of Products & Solutions Asia
    ABN AMRO Private Banking

    Richard Mak
    Managing Director, Head of Advisory Asia
    BNP Paribas Wealth Management

    Alan Luk
    Assistant General Manager, Head of Private Banking and Trust Services
    Hang Seng Bank

    Ringo Lau
    Deputy Managing Director, Wealth Management Service
    BSI Investment Advisors

    Alfred Mak
    Head of Investment Products and Advisory Department
    Bank of East Asia

    Eleonore Dachicourt
    Director, Head of Fund Distribution, Asia Pacific
    Private Wealth Management, Deutsche Bank

    Harmen Overdijk
    Portfolio Manager
    EFG Bank


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