Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2024 – Best Fund Provider – US Equity

Best Fund Provider US Equity


J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Best Fund Provider – US Equity

Lee Spelman

head of US equity

“It is a great honour to be recognised as the Best Fund Provider – US Equity. This award is a testament to the strength of our US research platform and robust investment process. As bottom-up managers, we leverage proprietary fundamental research, which is key to constructing a best ideas portfolio of both value and growth stocks, with a particular focus on quality. This strategy provides a differentiated solution for clients looking to gain exposure to large cap US equities and has achieved robust performance over the medium-to-long term.”


“Global markets are moving faster than ever, with more and more complexity to navigate. A more challenging macro backdrop is anticipated for equity markets in 2024,” said Twinkle Sparta, associate editor, Asian Private Banker.

“In 2023 and beyond, the fund is a differentiated solution for clients who wish to gain exposure to the US large cap space. The strategy employs a flexible bottom-up approach to finding the best quality growth and value ideas, in a concentrated portfolio of 40 stocks. The complementary investment styles of growth and value also present an expanded opportunity set beyond the S&P 500 Index in the long run.”

“The strategy is supported by a solid investment team which has more than 40 research analysts, with each analyst taking on research responsibilities for a specific sector. They are also responsible for idea generation and ongoing monitoring of securities within their respective spheres of expertise.”

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