Technology Awards 2018 – Best Market Data Solution

2018 Winners



Alan Bettridge
senior vice president,
director of sales for APAC,

I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of the FactSet team. Winning the Asian Private Banker Technology Award is an important validation of our strategy and the partnerships we have developed with the wealth management community across the region. We work closely with our clients in Asia to transition them from legacy vendors and in-house systems onto our market-leading technology and content solutions to help them make better investment decisions, enhance communication and engagement with their clients through their advisors and digital platforms, and achieve cost reductions.
The importance of timely and accurate data cannot be understated in an age when reams of information flow unfiltered and at a breakneck pace. What is crucial for wealth managers, then, is their ability to sift through, organise, and deploy this data to enable efficient investment tracking and idea generation.

FactSet, a mainstay in the Asia Pacific for over 20 years, not only uses its decades of experience to aid wealth managers in doing just that, but it further bolstered its proposition in 2018 to affirm its status as the region’s leading data solutions provider for the industry.

FactSet’s core solution consolidates over 30 self-owned data sets — two dozen of which are unique to the firm — and feeds from more than 850 independent information providers to deliver a comprehensive platform that helps wealth managers across entire investment lifecycles, from equity due diligence and research to order management, execution, and reporting.

Beyond this already massive basket of information, the firm in 2018 added two Asia-centric news sources — the Nikkei Asian Review and QUICK NQN News — to further boost its coverage of the region. And to better support its customer base, FactSet opened up a Shanghai office in May last year to increase its level of engagement with the growing Chinese investment community.

A proponent for innovation in data mining, analytics, and management, FactSet also launched the ‘Open:FactSet Marketplace’ in April, an online platform that offers both core and alternative content and a cloud-based environment to test data. Featuring more than 35 feeds, the platform harmonises FactSet’s content with datasets from third-party providers — including satellite, sentiment, and ESG data — to provide wealth managers a quick and effective way to link these feeds to their models and systems so that time can be spent on idea generation rather than data maintenance.

With solutions aimed towards doing the heavy lifting for wealth managers, FactSet’s robust offering shows that while information flows fast, users can work just as swiftly, so long as they are equipped with the right tools.

FactSet is Asian Private Banker’s Best Market Data Solution for 2018.