Technology Awards 2018 – Most Innovative Solution

2018 Winners



Jason Tu
co-founder and CEO,

Innovation defines leadership, especially in fast-paced Asian economies. At MioTech, we focus on Asia, thrive on data, and strive to innovate by making data less artificial and more intelligent.
Many financial technology providers stake their claim on their ability to leverage artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and data mining to deliver opportunities to private banks that were previously out of sight. However, few are capable of providing advanced analytics on the large pools of structured and unstructured data in the market, let alone able to present the results in a way that brings value to users.

In a short period of time, MioTech has made a big impact on the industry by virtue of its artificial intelligence platform and ‘virtual data scientist’, AMI (Advanced Market Intelligence). The solution ploughs through a dataset of 175 million companies, 500,000 financial instruments, and 14 million individuals on top of processing two million online narratives — such as news articles, tweets, and financial statements — monthly, translating and combining these large data pools to create insightful information that could benefit users in making investment decisions and gaining insights into the financial market.

Its Asia-focused database — with more than 60 million business profiles and 1,000-plus news sources from Mainland China — enables clients to gain better access to the network of Asia-centric investments by mapping out companies, personnel, investors, and transactions in visual presentations, thereby allowing for a more holistic overview of investment trends in the region. AMI is especially beneficial to client advisors as well, owing to its ability to provide insights on how historical, current, and future events could impact a client’s portfolio and asset holdings.

MioTech also has a portfolio management and risk analytics tool, PortX, that injects real-time data into clients’ market holdings, transforming the way private banks and wealth managers manage and present portfolios to end-clients.

Despite having only deployed their solution in 2018, PortX is already helping MioTech’s clients manage over US$200 billion in assets — a tremendous achievement for the promising young company. PortX is also accessible through mobile, making it easier for wealth managers to present client data on the go.

MioTech has truly defined what it means to be innovative, and its groundbreaking tools earn it Asian Private Banker’s Most Innovative Solution award for 2018.