Technology Awards 2019 – Best Trading and Execution Platform

2019 Winners


Best Trading and Execution Platform


Who are you?
A global technology and service provider, we offer the most innovative, consistent and reliable connectivity and trading solutions available.Top-tier banks, brokers, trading firms and institutional investors rely on Itiviti’s solutions to service their clients, connect to markets, trade smarter in all asset classes by consolidating trading platforms and leverage automation to move faster.

With presence in all major financial centers and serving more than 1,600 clients in over 50 countries, Itiviti delivers on a global scale.

Describe your solution (I.e. that which is applicable to your award)
Itiviti’s market-leading multi-asset connectivity and trading platform offers unrivaled capabilities for the APAC Private Banking and Wealth Management industry.

Automated order flow managing increasing volumes

  • Automated order processing. All orders are submitted utilizing pre-defined order rules.
  • High-touch workflow for care orders as needed.
  • Stay proactive using pre-trade risk checks to manage exceptions, minimize rejected orders and focus on normalization and recycling.
  • Full RFQ support to request and respond to quotes.
  • Adapt to market conditions, by automatically queuing orders outside of trading hours allowing clients to trade on exchanges worldwide.
  • Connect to any Portfolio Management System in order to process orders entered by relationship managers.
  • Itiviti’s multi-asset connectivity provides access to all major trading and execution venues worldwide through more than 800 pre-certified brokers as well as liquidity platforms.

Advanced compliance offering

  • Exporting data to compliance, regulatory and best execution platforms.
  • Cleaning and enriching data when required.
  • Collecting aggregated orders and trade reports from any system.

What makes it stand out/apart from other similar solutions in the marketplace?
Itiviti’s trading and execution platform, combines automated high-volume order execution with a rich toolset for order monitoring, order management, flexible exception management, smart alerts, and pre-trade risk.

Global adoption with rapid growth in APAC – Itiviti’s trading and execution platform is used globally by Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks.

Experienced product and sales management teams in APAC. Itiviti invests in people with solid, hands-on experience from tier 1 firms to strengthen the global and regional product offering, sales and support services.

Itiviti global operations

  • Proven global track record, with 30+ years of experience in trading and connectivity technology.
  • Global support organization, operating in Asia, Europe, and the US, allowing clients to trade on connected exchanges 24/6.
  • Local presence in key financial centers around the globe, with Asia Pacific offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Manila, and Mumbai.
  • An R&D team of 400+ professionals worldwide, dedicated to innovation.

Explain how it adds value to the business of PBS/WMs

A growing number of Asian private bankers and wealth managers rely on Itiviti’s next-generation platform to handle complex order aggregation while automating high volume order flows taking advantage of Itiviti’s advanced compliance and reporting capabilities for best execution.

Itiviti’s innovative solutions address significant market and regulatory challenges while offering a powerful, flexible platform for advanced trading technology adoption.

Designed for automation and built on a modular architecture, Itiviti’s platform is highly customizable to address a broad range of use cases for trading on the Asian and global markets. It is available through managed infrastructure that offers resilience, performance, and scalability.

Contact details
For more information about Itiviti´s solution offering, please visit or email us at [email protected] for more information.