Discretionary Dialogue 2018 Singapore

9 October, 2018
8:30am – 1:00pm
Parkroyal On Pickering, Singapore

2018 Discretionary Dialogue Photos


Join senior discretionary portfolio managers to discuss the portfolio allocations and product mixes of Asia’s private banks.


8:30am – 9:00am Registration & Breakfast
9:00am – 9:05am Opening Comments
9:05am – 9:45am Panel Discussion 1 | Thematic wrappers in Asia
Growing macro uncertainty, driven by rising rates and political tensions, have softened investor risk appetite. But one area where long-only sentiment remains strong is thematic investments where long-term structural narratives have captivated clients. From a plethora of emerging technologies to a wholesale shift in global demographics, private banks are capitalising on demand for investing in the future. DPM has not been unaffected by the thematic boom in Asia and private banks have developed a range of mandates focused on expressing such views via active management.What are the new developments from leading private banks’ discretionary offerings, in terms of capabilities or mandates to implement thematic investment ideas? What specific themes have resonated particularly well with Asian clients, and why? How are private banks implementing such views, given a relatively limited product universe compared to traditional long-only exposures? How are structured products playing a role in this space?

Sebastian Enberg, Editor, Asian Private Banker

Conversation catalysts:
Martin Todd, CFA, Lead Portfolio Manager – European ESG, Hermes Investment Management
Mischa Eckart, Head of Client Investment Specialists Asia Pacific, UBS Global Wealth Management
Rajeev De Mello, Chief Investment Officer, Bank of Singapore
Tuan Huynh, Regional Head of Portfolio Management, APAC, Deutsche Bank
Wei Mei Tan, Head of Portfolio Solutions, APAC, Credit Suisse

9:45am – 10:25am Panel Discussion 2 | Growing diversity of passives in DPM
ETF growth in Asia’s discretionary mandates persists driven by the absolute growth of DPM assets but also by the growing diversity of ETFs, which are being used for implementation beyond the developed markets. From a range of smart beta exposures to fixed income ETFs, Asia’s discretionary managers are exploring new passive instruments for more cost-effective access or unconventional exposures. What strategies have private banks and wealth managers used for their DPM portfolios? Of which what are the switches from active funds to ETFs, and why? What new ETF exposures would they like to see for better portfolio implementation? What are the innovations in ETF and rule-based solutions that are being explored in the DPM and wealth space (including smart beta, quant and thematic strategies)?

Richard Otsuki, Deputy Editor and Head of Investment Coverage, Asian Private Banker

Conversation catalysts:
Christian Abuide, Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management, Standard Chartered Bank
Christophe Marciano, Executive Director, Head, Discretionary Portfolio Management, DBS Bank
Jacky Tang, Head of Portfolio Management Group; Co-Head of Investment Strategy Group, Goldman Sachs
Laura Lui, Partner & Co-CIO, Premia Partners Company Limited

10:25am – 10:45am Networking Coffee
10:45am – 11:25am Panel Discussion 3 | Downside protection in an uncertain market
Downside risks are increasingly weighing on investors’ minds, despite robust fundamentals that indicate an outlook that speaks otherwise. The cost of insuring portfolios is climbing. The adoption of liquid alternatives is growing but at a limited rate. Traditional assumptions about the various correlations, such as the negative relationship between stocks and bonds, are being challenged. Asian clients are well-known for poor drawdown tolerance which could lead to untimely outflows and difficult reengagement in the future.How are discretionary managers currently managing downside risks? What instruments have they found to be effective for volatility control for various asset classes? How are private banks guiding Asian clients through the recent bout of volatility? How are clients receiving such communications?

Richard Otsuki, Deputy Editor and Head of Investment Coverage, Asian Private Banker

Conversation catalysts:
Joseph (Joe) Caceres, Head of Managed Solutions and Alternative Investments, South East Asia, HSBC Private Banking
Mischa Eckart, Head of Client Investment Specialists Asia Pacific, UBS Global Wealth Management
Paras Gupta, Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management Asia, Union Bancaire Privée

11:25am – 11:40am Closing Comments
11:40am – 1:00pm Networking Luncheon



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