Funds Selection Nexus, Singapore 2015

Funds Selection Nexus, Singapore 2015

October 15, 2015
8:00am – 2:00pm
Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

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    The Funds Selection Nexus offers the private banking funds selection community the rare opportunity to meet with hard-to-access fund managers. These selected fund managers will present a series of 35-minute presentations in a group speed-dating format. This unique format is the most effective and efficient means of engaging in meaningful presentations/ Q&A with the fund selectors throughout one intense morning of conversations. These efficient and effective annual functions are the first dedicated fund selector events held in Asia and have amassed a strong following as some of the most important and relevant gatherings of Asia-based fund selectors and due diligence decision makers at private banks.



    8:00am – 8:55am Registration and Coffee
    8:55am – 9:00am Welcome & opening comments
    Andrew Shale, Publisher
    Asian Private Banker
    9:05am – 9:45am First session held
    9:50am – 10:30am First rotation
    10:35 – 11:15pm Second rotation
    11:20 – 12:00pm Third rotation
    12:05 – 12:45pm Final rotation
    12:50 – 2:00pm Luncheon & dataset conclusions


    Using Enhanced Dividend Strategies to Generate a High Level of Income
    The actions of central banks have successfully driven up asset markets and left investors with very few places that they can generate a reasonable level of income. In a desperate search for yield, many investors have been forced to take on more risk while also sacrificing liquidity. Using covered calls with a large cap, high quality equity strategy is one way that investors can generate an attractive level of income without having to take on significant credit or liquidity risk. The strategy may therefore be used as an alternative or complement to high yield debt and emerging market debt, among other yield seeking asset classes, to minimise the risks inherent in them.

    The managers of the RWC Global Enhanced Dividend Fund, Ian Lance and John Teahan, discuss how they seek to marry the twin objectives of delivering a generous yield and providing an element of downside protection in what looks like an increasingly challenging environment.

    Ian Lance, Portfolio Manager, RWC Partners
    John Teahan, Portfolio Manager, RWC Partners

    The Truth about Unconstrained Investing
    What is unconstrained investing, and how do unconstrained bond funds differ from strategic income funds? Without the focus on beating a particular benchmark, is there truth in the common perception that unconstrained investing leads to greater risk? Thomas Swaney, Head of Alternative Fixed Income (U.S.) at Pioneer Investment discusses the evolution of fixed income, the lay of the alternative fixed income land and delves into key investor considerations in unconstrained investing.

    Boon Peng Ooi, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income, Eastspring Investments

    Alternative Solutions Within Fixe Income Investing
    Is there truth to the view that we can no longer get safe income from developed bond markets? Is there a need for investors to seek alternatives or something ‘different’? How should investors think about adding alternatives? Thomas Swaney, Head of Alternative Fixed Income (US) at Pioneer Investment discusses the evolution of fixed income, the lay of the alternative fixed income land and delves into key investor considerations in alternative fixed income investing.

    Thomas Swaney, Senior Vice President, Head of Alternative Fixed Income, U.S., Pioneer Investments

    Alternative UCITS: A Secure and Regulated Access to Hedge Funds
    Fears of competitive devaluations in Emerging Markets and unease about the timing and amplitude of the Fed’s tightening cycle have recently caused markets to move in a way not seen for years. In the short term, we expect that market conditions will improve due to a combination of supportive fundamentals in developed markets. However, renewed bouts of volatility are likely to haunt investors regularly in the medium term due to uncertainties concerning interest rates.

    In this environment, hedge funds are likely to continue to provide a serious alternative to traditional asset classes. Alternative UCITS has become very popular in Europe.

    Since 2008, investors have become wary of hedge funds, especially concerning issues such as transparency and liquidity as well as selection and operational risks. The UCITS regulatory framework combined with a pioneering Managed Account platform offers the best of all worlds.

    Would Alternative UCITS meet the requirements of Asian investors who have increased demand for liquid and regulated structures whilst in search of talented managers with unique track records?

    Stephane Macresy, Head of Fund & Portfolio Solutions, Asia ex Japan, Lyxor Asset Management

    A New Tool for Investors to Combat Rising Rate Environment That Isn’t Your Typical Bank Loan – The High Yield Floating Rate Note
    Now more than ever, investors in the developed world are bracing themselves for the first rate hikes in many years as the US and the UK continue to chip away at unemployment and grow at decent rates. Government bond yields are likely to increase from their multi-decade lows and this will create headwinds for nearly all fixed income assets.

    M&G will introduce a unique instrument, the high yield floating rate bond, which can overcome these headwinds and actually benefit from rate hikes. This isn’t your typical US senior loan and this is a different instrument – a plain vanilla floating rate note that is issued by high yield companies. While high yield floating rate notes and bank loans share many similarities, there are some key advantages to invest in floating rate notes, including more certain settlement times and the absence of LIBOR floors.

    The M&G Global Floating Rate High Yield Fund is managed by our established high yield fund managers who currently oversee USD9 billion of traditional, fixed rate high yield funds. Their expertise has been a key factor in the fund growing to USD800 million a year since its launch.

    Jeik Sohn, Investment Director, M&G Investments

    The Future of Wealth Management in Asia: Man versus Machine
    The last 10 years has seen an explosion of the use of robo-advisers and self directed platforms across the US and Europe. In Asia, wealth managers have gained some early traction in the adoption of technology, with global institutions alongside boutique firms and start-ups using technology to deliver better services and products. Given the high touch nature of wealth management, to what extent can technology replace the human element? Sze Yoon Ng will contrast the experiences of the US and Europe with Asia and draw some predictions on what the future will look like.
    Sze Yoon Ng, Asia Research Director, Cerulli Associates


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