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Opening Keynote Address: Opportunities for Investors In and Out of the Wealthiest Megalopolis in the World

The Greater Bay area presents a plethora of opportunities for investors and the private wealth management community that banks them. What are the key specifications of the GBA market, the prospects for the megalopolis, and how can investors capitalise on the growth potential? Ann Kung, Deputy Chief Executive of Bank of China (Hong Kong), offers her insights in this opening keynote address, setting the scene for the GBA opportunity.


Ann Kung, Deputy Chief Executive of Bank of China (Hong Kong)

HKMA Keynote Address: Keeping Abreast With the Prospects and Regulatory Changes in the Greater Bay Area

Significant initiatives have been put in place to support the development of the Greater Bay Area as a major economic and financial powerhouse, to further integrate the GBA region and strengthen the internationalisation of the RMB. What have been the key successes of the GBA opportunities to date? How have the latest developments, including the launch of the Wealth Management Connect scheme (WMC) – been received by the market? In this keynote address, Edmond Lau, Deputy Chief Executive of The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), will discuss the various GBA opportunities at play and key milestones to further increase connectivity in the GBA and deepen the opening-up of Mainland China’s financial markets.


Edmond Lau, Deputy Chief Executive of The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA)

Pioneer Session: Keys to Success in the Greater Bay Area

How does Bank of China (Hong Kong) approach the GBA opportunity strategically? What are the bank’s expectations for the region going forward and how would BOCHK recommend investors to position themselves to capitalise on the region’s impressive growth potential? Join this key session to find out frontline perspectives on what it takes to succeed in the Greater Bay Area.

Building a Robust Onshore Strategy to Capitalise on the China Opportunity

What are experts’ visions of the China onshore opportunity and how to best capture it? From an investors’ perspective, how investible is the onshore market and what GBA products and services are available? From a strategic standpoint, how are private banks and wealth managers positioning themselves to capitalise on the China opportunity and how does GBA fit into that context and their overall onshore strategy? Join our panel of expert wealth managers and private bankers to discuss.

Cross-Border Advisory and Dual Licensing Thought-Leadership

Licensing for cross-border advisory is a complex endeavour, with different laws governing financial regulations, taxation and dispute resolution processes in different jurisdictions. How then, can private banks remain compliant and abide by the changing regulatory requirements when operating across multiple jurisdictions whilst mitigating risk? How can they prepare to offer full advisory-led private banking services in a context of further WMC expansion and greater connectivity in the Greater Bay Area? From a tax incentive perspective, what opportunities are there for PB clients? In this key session, Patrick Yip, Vice Chair of Deloitte China, will provide thought-leadership on issues at play in the GBA and how to be successful and compliant in the current regulatory environment.

Demand, Growth and Income within the GBA Puzzle

What are the more eye-catching investment themes offered by the GBA that were previously inaccessible to non-PRC (Hong Kong & Macau) investors? How much is the capital flow quota sidelining larger investment flows (northbound and southbound) and what effect will increasing the quota have on both demand and product mix? On the client side, how have RMs been showcasing the opportunities for WMC products amongst their clients? What education is being undertaken at a corporate level to maintain organisational compliance with changing GBA regulations? As the scheme and investment experience evolve, will the WMC clients of today — with their smaller investment caps — represent the new breed of HNW clients 10 years from now?

Opportunities for Family Offices in the GBA and Vital Insights into the Opportunities of Venture Capitalism

What advantages are there for SFOs and MFOs when it comes to the GBA and what new business opportunities does the region create? What direct VC investment opportunities should be considered by FOs? What key licensing and regulatory updates should Family Offices be mindful of? Join this session with Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) to find out more.

Plenary Speakers

Edmond Lau
Deputy Chief Executive, Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Christine Williams
Deputy Global Head, FamilyOfficeHK

Dixon Wong
Head of Financial Services and Global Head of Family Office, InvestHK

Ann Kung
Deputy Chief Executive, Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Belle Liang
Head of Investment Advisory and Executive Director of Hang Seng Investment Services, Hang Seng Bank

Edmund Kam
Managing Director, Head of Private Banking, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Private Banking

Larry Zhang
Chief Investment Officer, Fosun Banking and Insurance, Fosun International Ltd

Oscar Liu
Chief Executive Officer, Noah Holdings International Limited

Patrick Yip
Vice Chair, Deloitte China

Tan Siew Meng
Regional Head of Global Private Banking, Asia Pacific, HSBC

Stephen Chan
General Manager, Personal Banking and Wealth Management Department, Bank of China (Hong Kong)

William Ma
Chief Investment Officer, GROW Investment Group


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