Investment Advisory Summit, Hong Kong 2018

Investment Advisory Summit, Hong Kong 2018

May 15, 2018
8:30am – 2:30pm
Island Shangri-la Hotel, Hong Kong


Beginning in 2010, the Investment Advisory Summits (IAS) are the largest and most important gatherings of C-suite private bankers, IAM/EAMs, and wealth managers/SFOs. Now in their 9th year, this years Summits, which will attract over 800 senior leaders from the Asian wealth management industry.


8:15am – 9:00am Registration and Breakfast
9:00am – 9:10am Welcome Remarks
9:10am – 9:55am CEOs in Debate | Future-proofing Asian private banking: how are today’s leaders transforming their businesses to capture tomorrow’s opportunities?

Sebastian Enberg, Editor, Asian Private Banker

Conversation catalysts:
Albert Chiu, Chief Executive Asia Pacific, EFG Bank
Amy Lo, Country Head of UBS Hong Kong and Chief Executive, Hong Kong, Group Managing Director, UBS

9:55am – 10:35am Industry Exchange of View | Sustainable Mandate Growth in Asia

The evolution of Asia’s private banking industry focus from transactional to fee-based activities, especially into mandates, is undoubtedly imminent.

Unlike its successful European counterparts, demand for higher risk-adjusted returns, the existence of retrocession fees and stronger desire to retain control, continue to act as headwinds to grow fee-based assets, at a rate that outpaces private banks’ robust AUM growth and regional wealth creation.

Private banks are already making material headway, growing their discretionary portfolio management (DPM) assets, primarily in the form of diversified multi-asset strategies. But, by multiple accounts, penetration rates still climb incrementally and DPM asset growth continues to be primarily driven by strong net new assets (NNA) rather than continuous top-ups from existing clients. In turn, private banks are actively exploring new avenues of growth, including seeking out active advisory mandates to feed the regional HNWI penchant for active trading, or innovative DPM solutions that target specific client needs instead of just matching risk profiles.

What is the state of DPM growth in Asia? How are banks differentiating from one another, especially in terms of global multi-asset strategies? How are they seeking to innovate their DPM offerings to boost growth from Asian HNWIs? What are the ongoing developments in active advisory mandates in Asia? How are clients receiving this kind of offering?

Join Asia’s private banking industry leaders as they discuss and share their views about the state of mandate businesses in Asia, its potential long-term prospect and how it will differ from the European story.

Richard Otsuki, Deputy Editor & Head of Investment Coverage, Asian Private Banker

Conversation catalysts:
Arjan De Boer, Head of Markets and Investment Solutions, Asia, Indosuez Wealth Management
Jean-Paul Churchouse, Managing Director, Head of the Markets Solutions Group and Alternative
Capital Markets, Private Wealth Management, Asia, Goldman Sachs

10:35am – 11:05am Networking Coffee
11:05am – 11:35am Workshop Sessions (4 Workshops)
11:35am – 12:05pm Workshop Sessions (4 Workshops)
12:05pm – 12:35pm Workshop Sessions (4 Workshops)
12:35pm – 1:20pm CIOs in Debate | A longer but bumpier rally: Where will the cracks emerge?

Synchronised global growth, judiciously mindful central bankers and moderated geopolitical risks continue drive equity prices higher. US is expected to benefit from tax reform and deregulation. Despite a slight slowdown in China, quality growth from a higher economic base could drive outperformance. Emerging markets in Asia are in a better position than ever to withstand shocks across local assets from the ongoing rate hike cycle. Yet, although private banks remain optimistic about a continued rally, few believe the ride will be as smooth as 2017’s when volatility registered record lows.

What are private banks’ top global/Asia/sector equity picks? What factors could trigger a renewed bout of volatility? Which markets are most vulnerable to volatility or correction risk? What are the potential conditions required to keep volatility at historically low, if not record low, levels? What are private banks advising clients to do to protect portfolios from rising volatility? How can HNWIs take advantage of rising volatility? What are some equity tail risks? In addition to equities, could this be the year of hedge funds (or liquid alternatives)?

Richard Otsuki, Deputy Editor & Head of Investment Coverage, Asian Private Banker

Conversation catalysts:
Adrian Zuercher, Managing Director, Head Asset Allocation, CIO APAC, UBS Wealth Management
Fan Cheuk Wan, Managing Director, Head of Investment Strategy and Advisory, Asia, HSBC Private Banking
Frank Lee, Senior Investment Strategist, CIO Office, North Asia, Wealth Management, DBS Bank
John Woods, Managing Director, Chief investment officer Asia Pacific, Investment Strategy, Credit Suisse

1:20pm – 2:30pm Networking Champagne Luncheon

*more details to be announced soon

Workshop Details

Seeking alpha generation in a European long-short strategy – Jupiter Asset Management

Fundamental stock-picking is at the core of Jupiter’s European long-short strategy, however we believe we also have two highly differentiated investment “edges”. Firstly, we understand how to select and manage the additional “strategic value” embedded in many long-term fundamental investments. Secondly, we are skilled in managing options to mitigate inevitable market drawdowns that can cause sub-optimal capitulation or under-allocation. Investors who see equity market valuations as high and volatility at all-time lows may want to prepare for market corrections while still participating in value-creating companies. Our two investment edges are grounded in extensive tangible experience of fundamental, event and options analysis, which we believe will serve investors seeking strong risk-adjusted returns throughout a market cycle.

Workshop Host:
Nick Ring, Global Head of Distribution, Jupiter Asset Management

Not Just a Bounce: The Case for EM Multi-Asset Investing – Goldman Sachs Asset Management

With increasing youth populations, rapid economic growth and a rising middle class, emerging markets (EM) hold considerable potential for investment opportunities. However, given the strong market performance over the last two years, the prospect of rising interest rates and potential for increased protectionist trade policies, investors are naturally asking themselves if now a good time to invest?

Join the GSAM workshop to explore EM through a multi-asset lens; looking at investment techniques for allocating across the spectrum of EM asset classes, as well as sharing our views on the most attractive opportunities for generating capital growth and income.

Workshop Host:
Shoqat Bunglawala, Managing Director; Head of Global Portfolio Solutions Group, EMEA and Asia Pacific, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Is smart beta relevant for China A shares investing? – Premia Partners

Smart beta strategies have shown significant growth globally, yet the adoption of smart beta in Asia had lagged because of many reasons.

How relevant is smart beta to China A shares – the fast growing onshore market of world’s 2nd largest economy? Premia Partners has launched the world’s first two multi-factor smart beta China A shares ETF last year. At this workshop, we will discuss the application of smart beta and factor investing strategies in China A shares, how it is relevant for EM and global managers seeking access tools for portfolio completion, and how asset owners can utilize different smart beta strategies for China A allocation based on their views.

Workshop Host:
David Lai, Premia Partners

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