Technology Awards 2019 – Best IAM/MFO Solution

2019 Winners

Best IAM/MFO Solution

Privé Technologies

Who are you?
Privé Technologies is a leading innovator in the financial and wealth management industries. We are uniquely positioned between the banking software behemoths and the small fintech startups to provide the most comprehensive and innovative services to our wide network of B2B and B2C clients. Our technology solutions help the financial institutions of today to streamline and transform, enabling them to operate more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Privé has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, China as well as an extensive network in the UK and Germany. And now Privé has over 60 financial institutional clients globally, including two of the world’s largest banks by AUM.

Describe your solution (I.e. that which is applicable to your award)
Privé’s innovative and patented technology provides financial institutions with easy to adopt end-to-end, modular, digital solutions. Modules can be deployed on a standalone or integrated basis and are designed to fit together under one platform and one login. The breadth of our suite of products is unparalleled in the financial technology industry, and spans from client acquisition and content marketing to digital on-boarding and CRM, to portfolio construction and reporting, to account aggregation, Robo and bio-advisory, insurance aggregation and pricing, a product and securities brokerage platform, and more.

What makes it stand out/apart from other similar solutions in the marketplace?
Privé’s proposal is an integrated and modular solution, which enables us to augment existing systems without having to undergo a wholesale replacement or exchange of a system for a client. Since each of our modules are able to integrate easily through scalable microservices with the existing system and only with respect to functionality that is required or wanted by the client, it enables our system to maintain the inherent customer journey that is unique for our clients and the end investors. This is what effectively puts us into a league of our own. Traditionally, financial institutions use several third-party service providers to deliver financial services and build their wealth management processes. While these third-parties may provide top of the line functionalities with reference to the module that they offer, it results in a fragmented delivery. There will be a certain amount of manual integration required for the third-parties to be able to communicate with one another. Our value lies in the fact that we are able to provide numerous modules that integrate and work together seamlessly. We are able to deliver an ecosystem catered for the end-to-end wealth management process. This allows our clients to provide a seamless and holistic wealth management experience to their clients. Our modularity enables financial institutions to simply pick and choose the functionalities that they require to quickly and effectively roll out. Once adopted, clients are able to choose to integrate more modules from those that we offer, or request more functionality via additional modules.

Explain how it adds value to the business of PBS/WMs
Privé’s end-to-end platform for EAM/IAMs with direct custodian connectivity and account consolidation addresses many of the pain points which smaller AMs/FOs have when serving clients. This platform allows advisors to focus on building client relationships, by automating time-consuming tasks such as account consolidation (especially when HNW clients have multiple private banking accounts), reporting (automatic portfolio comparison report generation), as well as custodial connectivity (facilitating straight-through order execution). This end-to-end cost-effective platform has gained traction in the market, with 40 EAMs/IAMs on board at the moment. This platform improves the efficiency of EAMs/IAMs, while direct custodial connectivity facilitates better product flows for private banks holding custodial accounts.

Additionally, Privé provides an-end-to end digital private banking system, or private Bank in a Box (BiaB). This system is designed to empower and enable challenger banks (neo-banks), telecommunications companies, mobile manufacturers, social media giants and many others to foray into the world of private banking. Privé’s system is designed to act as a completely digital bank-end private banking system, with features from client onboarding and KYC to portfolio generation and rebalancing to straight to execution ordering and report generation for a client, powering the future of wealth management.

Contact details
Email: [email protected]
Hong Kong: +852 3157 1234
Singapore: +65 6631 8399